Jean E. Allan Sovik
309 Waukewan Road
Center Harbor, NH 03226

May 26, 2004

Peter B. Rotch
McLane Law Office
Nine Hundred Elm Street
Box 326
Manchester, NH 03105-5650

RE: Lawyers Recovery & Litigation Services, Inc. claim against mortgage recorded in Carroll County Registry of Deeds at Book 113, page 806, purportedly attaching property known as 309 Waukewan Road, Center Harbor, New Hampshire located in Belknap County

Dear Attorney Rotch:

On May 5, 2004 I wrote you a letter seeking clarification and making an offer in re: above captioned matter. Today it appears that I got my answer from a man calling himself George Maeli (sic). Security National or SN Servicing Corp., which is owned by a man named Robin P. Arkley II, and located at 323 Fifth Street, Eureka CA 95501-0305 and Baton Rouge Louisiana. Mr. Maeli (sic) claimed to be from Somerset New Jersey.

George, speaking on behalf of SN Company, while referencing that you were his local counsel, threatened that SN was going to foreclose. He did not say upon what property. He said SN bought paper from Lawyers & Recovery. I am guessing that this is the very same paper that has been recorded in Carroll County, but I am not certain. If it is the same paper then, I am assuming that your new client has the same chain of title legal problems as your firms other client Lawyer’s Recovery, and its predecessor’s had.

I have done some checking on your latest client and I find close associations between all of your clients who have made claims with the same legal bogus documents. It certainly smells like an inside trade and worse. Given the known problems with the claim, how could it be otherwise. I can only imagine what the discount price is with the latest trade. Nevertheless, I told George that I was adding his name and the name of Security National et al to the complaint already on file with the New Hampshire Attorney General.

Please consider this letter a good faith effort of the JVFT to notice Security National, or SN that the continuance of any further actions against the JVFT will surely be cause for it to be placed four square in the chain of liability where its predecessors in interest find themselves already.

Also, please be advised that this letter represents an attempt to settle this matter and any settlement negotiations shall not evidence regarding this matter in any subsequent proceedings. Your client’s response will be expected within the next 10 days.


Jean E. Allan
NOTE: This is a transcribed copy of the original letter.

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