From: Jean Allan Sovik
Cc: ""
Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2012 1:57 PM
Subject: NHBD Referral pursuant to RSA 383:10-d

Dear Attorney General Delaney:

On June 30, 2012 I sent you a rather lengthy email re: RSA 383:10-d. I have had no response from your office. But, on July 2, 2012 Carroll County Sheriff Conoley held a press conference with respect to his formation of a 'task force' to discover what, if any, criminal actions that have been taken in the mortgage/foreclosure fraud epidemic that has been sweeping the Nation impact his jurisdiction Carroll County, New Hampshire. And, although the two properties that I had been complaining about in the letters to NHBD are located in Belknap and Grafton Counties, one of the perpetrators in the chain of title of the Center Harbor 'naked mortgage', which I have described in my recent Series of Installments (posted on titled NO WITNESS=NO CASE, made an 'attempt to collect upon a debt' on the Center Harbor property while citing a Carroll County Registry of Deeds book and page number. (I have attached my 7.5.12 letter to Sheriff Conley hereto).

As I sated before, all of my original work product was confiscated on May 15, 2009 when I was evicted from the family's home located at 309 Waukewan Road, Center Harbor, NH. Attorney Peter Minkow, ordered the locks changed for the benefit of his client (of which he too is a member) Waukewan Holdings, LLC. However, W Kent Martling had kept, under lock and key, copies of many of those original documents. When he died I took custody of those documents, and I transferred custody of those documents to my son, Fritz E. Vorisek who is also a limited partner in Gaia Family Limited Partnership, an Intervenor in re:09-E-183 Belknap Superior Court. Mr.Vorisek is also a beneficiary of the Jean E. Vorisek Family Trust, which held the title to the 309 Waukewan Road real property. Additionally, I sent certain documents (in real time) via FAX to my other son Kurt W. Vorisek, who is also a limited partner in GAIA, and a beneficiary of the Jean E. Vorisek Family Trust. Both Mr. Vorisek's are prepared to give Affidavit testimony of the chain of custody of the documents that I am now using and referring to your Office.

A plain reading of the 2.17.04 letter from the NH BD would indicate that the LSB issue and also the Lawyer's Recovery - Steven Beene issue was referred to your Office pursuant to RSA 383:10-d. At this time, I have been led to believe that all those files have gone missing. Please inform me whether my information is correct, or not. If the files in your Office with respect to all the issues raised in the above cited Series have gone missing, you can obtain copies from the Mr. Voriseks. I have copied them on this email.

I am looking for a prompt response from your Office, and a prompt resolution to my family's over all situation. As I stated in my February 16,2004 letter to NH BD Commissioner Peter Hildreth, we are dealing with an 1989 illegal lien against the JVFT. By my calculation that is roughly 23 years that my family's 14th Amendment Constitutional rights have been violated. Justice delayed is Justice denied. I think we have suffered more than enough. Don't you?

With Respect,

Jean E. Allan aka Jean E. Allan Sovik

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