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Sent: Tuesday, July 17, 2012 9:25 AM
Subject: More Lawyer's Recovery Discovery

Dear Sheriff Conley,

As I have already stated, the original work product and discovery documents that pertain to the issue of Lawyer's Recovery and Litigation Services, and its New Hampshire counsel, the McLane Law Office, were confiscated by Attorney Peter Minkow, member of Waukewan Holdings Llc, when I was illegally evicted ,on May 15, 2009, from the subject property located in Belknap County at 309 Waukewan Road, Center Harbor, NH. Therefore I have had to request the assistance of my two sons, and others, in order to provide you with some relevant material for your newly organized 'task force'. I do apologize in advance for the piecemeal approach that I have been forced to take, but it is the only way I know how to proceed, at this time.

As you can see on the top of the attached pages, this document was faxed to my son Kurt W. Vorisek on May 30, 2005.(the hand written notations are Kurts') I believe the Objection was filed with the Belknap Superior Court on May 31, 2005. At least, that is what the certificate of delivery to the McLane Law Office states, on page 11. Unfortunately, it appears that I did not fax all the Exhibit documents that have been identified in the Objection.

Considering that the Objection was filed in Belknap Superior Court, and assigned the docket number 05-E-078 your 'task force' should be able to retrieve the relevant Exhibit documents that pertain to Lawyer's Recovery and Litigation Services.

The other issue that I would like to remind your 'task force' of is the fact that the information the I had provided to the Belknap Superior Court, at the time I filed the Objection, was my present knowledge. At that time I had not discovered that, in fact, Ingomar, LP was owned in the majority by the same owners of SN Servicing Corporation. Nor, had I discovered that Ingo, LP was not a legal entity, if it ever even existed.

If your 'task force' takes the time to read the pleadings and the judges decisions, in 05-E-078 , and in the later Appeal to the NH Supreme Court (docket 2005-814 ), I am convinced that it will find, as I did, that a 'fraud has been committed on the court' by the Petitioner and its agents the McLane Law Office, and other officers of the court. But, that issue is for the 'task force' to determine whether the fraud was criminal, or merely a civil fraud.

I have requested my other sources to continue to search for the Exhibit documents so that I will have a complete filing of the Objection. If and when I am able to locate the documents, I will forward them on to your 'task force'.

With Respect,

Jean E. Allan aka Jean E. Allan Sovik

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