Jean Elizabeth Allan Sovik
(Fka Jean E. Vorisek Quinn
Senter Cove Development Company, Inc.)

August 9, 2012

The Law Offices of Carney & Bassil, P.C.
20 Park Plaza, Suite 1405
Boston, Massachusetts 02116
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RE: Request for confirmation or denial that your client James Bulger used the alias of John Iuele while representing a financing company named Hamilton Funding located in Hampton, NH, in 1989.

Dear Attorney Carney:

It was with great interest that I watched a video of your statement that your client James Bulger would claim, at his trial in March, 2013, to have been given immunity from the highest levels of the US Department of Justice dating back to the early 1970’s. I have no reason to doubt what your client claims to be true. And, if this is the case then your client has no concern that anything I have alleged John Iuele to have done on March 17, 1989 should cause him not to respond to my above captioned request.

Due to the fact that the events that I am concerned about happened in 1989, your client may not have a present memory of me. In order for your client to refresh his memory, I would suggest that he visit a website titled, and click on the prompt titled High Birches Springs. There he will find a Series of installments titled NO WITNESS = NO CASE. In that Series I explain in detail my association with John Iuele and Hamilton Funding.

For the record, I have, over the last several decades, requested that the US Department of Justice or the Federal Bureau of Investigation provide me with an answer to my request. As of this writing no answer has been forthcoming. In fact, in March 1997, the prosecutor for the Organized Crime Task Force in USA v Rennert (See Installment #2 in the Series NO WITNESS = NO CASE) wanted to expand the investigation into the John Iuele issue, but was told not to pursue the investigation by her superiors. I was led to believe, at that time, that the FBI HQ was involved in the decision not to continue the investigation.

Also, as part of my request I had told the US Prosecutor that besides the physical resemblance between the John Iuele that I knew and your client James Bulger, I had a personal situation that linked John Iuele to former FBI agent John Connolly. You should know that I testified as a witness for the prosecution in USA v Rennert, and my testimony was credible. I have no doubt that the Organized Crime Task Force also believed my claims with respect to your client James Bulger, were credible too.

At this time I can only be reached via email. I am currently not in the US. So, if you wish to contact me it will have to be through my email address. I do hope that you and your client take the time to read the Series on You will see that a great injustice is being done to my family. We believe that this injustice has continued due to the ongoing actions of the US Department of Justice to cover up its acts in creating and managing the Top Echelon Informant Program, or whatever it morphed into.

As I stated in the beginning of this letter, if your client has immunity for the murders that he has been charged with, he has no worries about an extortion charge in which the statute has tolled many years ago. But, either a confirmation or denial would assist my family with our current legal troubles.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this very urgent matter.


Jean E. Allan Sovik fka Jean E. Vorisek Quinn

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