From: Jean Allan Sovik
Sent: Monday, November 19, 2012 7:41 AM
Subject: Sworn Testimony NH House Ethic's Committee

Please review and respond to attached letter.

With Regards

Jean E. Allan aka Jean E. Allan Sovik fka Jean E. Vorisek-Quinn



[November 19, 2012]

Jean E Allan aka Jean E. Allan Sovik
Fka Jean E. Vorisek-Quinn

Mr. Gene Chandler
Minority Leader (elect)
NH General Court
PO Box 296
Bartlett, NH  03812-0296
     Phone: (603) 374-6603

RE: Clarification Request of Rebuttal Testimony (Under Oath) at a Hearing for your Removal as Speaker of the House where you pled guilty to a single misdemeanor for violating RSA 640:5 Gifts to Public Servants, for failure to file financial information with the State. You received a censure from the House for violating House Ethics Rules. The Ethics Committee recommended expulsion, but your colleagues voted to allow you to remain in your seat.


Dear Minority Leader (elect) Chandler:

[The Nashua Telegraph] has reported that "State Rep. Gene Chandler has been chosen in a House Republican caucus to serve as the minority leader for the upcoming legislative session. … He [Chandler] said in a statement Thursday that the GOP would try to regain the majority by delivering the Republican message of economic opportunity and job creation through lowering the burden of taxes and regulation." Congratulations. And, now that you are again in a position of power and responsibility, and in charge of delivering the Republican message, perhaps this is the time for you to clean up some very lingering and ripe old business that extends back to the above captioned Hearing.

Please accept this OPEN LETTER as an invitation: To explain in detail the rebuttal testimony that you gave at the above captioned Hearing, and explain exactly what personal knowledge you have now, and, had at that time, when you alluded to my "problems" with the Judicial Branch of New Hampshire Government.

I do not have access to your exact testimony, but as I recall, essentially you testified under oath that my "problem" was not with you, but instead, it was with New Hampshire’s Judicial Branch. At that hearing, you were not pressed for a detailed explanation of your sworn testimony. In the name of JUSTICE, I am pressing you to come clean NOW.

Since your "censure", my family has suffered more personal and property losses. These overt actions have been in violation of our State and Federal Constitutional rights. These subsequent losses, among others, have involved a cooperative effort between the Executive Branch, Prosecutor Robert Libby, to be specific, in conjunction with the Judicial Branch. I have detailed those abuses of power in a Series of Installments titled NO WITNESS = NO CASE. The Series has been posted on At issue, in the Series, is the October 13, 2009 REPORT that diagnosed me to be not "legally competent", among other things.

My family’s global complaints, which include the illegal foreclosures of our real and chattel properties, and my promise to my dying mother to find out the exact circumstances of her death, and her missing remains are under review by the US DOJ Criminal Division. My son’s Kurt Vorisek’s individual complaint has as its reference number (JL 300216673).

Although it has been said that "Justice Delayed is Justice Denied", it is not too late for you to voluntarily provide the details of my "problems" with the Judicial Branch of New Hampshire’s government to the existing Attorney General of New Hampshire, Michael Delaney; and to US Assistant Attorney General Lanny Bruer, Criminal Division Assistant Attorney General Lanny A. Breuer, U.S. Department of Justice Criminal Division, 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20530-0001,; Mr. Kurt Vorisek’s contact person at the United States Department of Justice. As you must be aware, New Hampshire Court Rule 3.3 is clear with respect to the duty of its Officer’s Candor Toward the Tribunal.

Clearly, if you were prepared to offer sworn testimony as to your knowledge that New Hampshire’s Judicial Branch had an inherent bias toward me then, but was not pressed for details, at that time: now would be a good time to begin your tenure as ([Minority Leader]) with a clean slate.

I can be reached at the above email address. My US address is I will be looking forward to your response. After all, it is the people’s business to see that JUSTICE is finally meted out, and you are in the unique position to do your sworn duty to see that it is "delayed" no longer.


Jean E. Allan aka Jean E. Allan Sovik, fka Jean E. Vorisek-Quinn

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