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fka Jean E. Vorisek Quinn

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May 7, 2013

Governor Maggie Hassan (OPEN LETTER)
Office of the Governor
State House
107 North Main Street
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 271-2121
(603) 271-7640 (fax)

RE: Request for an independent investigation into actions in violation of ‘Public Policy taken against Jean Elizabeth Allan Sovik, fka Jean Elizabeth Vorisek Quinn, and her family, and collectively their properties, both real and chattel; and, to include but not limited to, the Argumentum ad Hominem filed with the Laconia District Court that was incorporated into the October 13, 2009 Diagnosis of the Office of Forensic Examiner of the State of New Hampshire; and, to include but not limited to, the $100,000 bribe it took from Martha HW Crowninshield in exchange for releasing the High Birches Water Supply and Distribution System so that the August 25, 1995 illegal foreclosure could proceed.


Dear Governor Hassan:

A person whom I consider to be a reliable source has recently sent me an email with an attached document. Contained within the attached document were a series of emails, which appear to be authentic copies of the original emails. But, I have no real ability to test this opinion. And, certainly I will be willing to turn the copies that I have over to the appropriate jurisdictional authority so that they can be authenticated. However, assuming arguendo, that they are authentic, they would confirm that many of the conclusions in the above cited October 13, 2009 Forensic Evaluation Report were not accurate then, and certainly are no longer sustainable after a review of the attached emails.

Therefore, based upon the newly discovered evidence that is contained in these emails, and considering that a reasonable person should conclude that the securitization (commoditization) of water during the period of time my statements and complaints were made, were in fact being contemplated by certain of those persons named in my complaints, among other very important captains of industry and academia that I was not even aware of, at that time, I would request that the above cited Forensic Evaluation Report be immediately retracted by the State of New Hampshire. In the paragraphs below I lay out the areas of Dr. Petrou’s October 13, 2009, diagnosis where he declared that I was ‘delusional’ and ‘paranoid’, and therefore not competent to stand trial due to his factual conclusions that were not valid then, and clearly are not valid now.

Additionally, considering the recent turn of events in USA v Bulger where it appears that Judge Casper has included the racketeering and extortion charges back into the case; the issue whether John Iuele was an alias used by James Bulger has yet to be determined. So that portion of Dr. Petrou’s diagnosis is premature at best. And, if the alias is true, then my complaints would most likely be of a ‘Brady nature in the matter.

Recently Discovered Series of Emails

The first thread of the newly discovered emails appears to be with respect to a Private Placement Memorandum for a company named nCUBE. It is a Larry Ellison company. The second thread of emails pertains to ‘valuation’. If the ‘valuation’ meetings are about the commoditization of water then many of the addresses [are] names I recognize to be associated with water assets. And, although there are many contact names that are important public figures that would be immediately recognizable, I will only highlight those names that are either in Dr. Petrou’s diagnosis, or known associates of those persons that I have already publicly complained about.

The email of significance that directly contradicts Dr. Petrou’s conclusion of fact is one dated September 6, 2000. (The record will show that during this same time period, the Appeal re: illegal August 25, 1999 foreclosure of the land and water rights and distribution system to the High Birches Springs that were owned by my family’s companies Senter Cove Development Company Inc., a New Hampshire corporation, and Netmark International, Inc., a Massachusetts corporation, was being processed through the New Hampshire Supreme Court.)

The email is from Knowledge University was founded by Michael and Lowell Milken. S Fink, appears to be Steven Fink. He is a known associate of both Milkens, and also appears to be ‘the fixer’ for Larry Ellison’s holdings to include Heron International and the Lawrence hedge fund.

The email is addressed to Ken Lay of Enron. The subject matter is the Private Placement Memorandum for nCUBE. The complete text of the email [CLICK HERE] that I have states:

  • "Attached is the private placement memorandum for nCUBE. I will be emailing you additional information shortly. I told Larry Ellison last night of our conversation and he is estatic (sic) that you are considering joining us on the board of the company."

  • "By the way, with respect to AZX, I have been thinking of ways of financing water analogously to mortgage debt securitization. Since, water in fact is a scare resource, either due to availability or infrastructure for deliver, perhaps water "value" can be tiered with different risk/reward relationships per each tier. Just a thought."

Although sfink’s email address is at, the tracking for the email appears to come from where it has been publicly reported that Lowell Milken had an interest. However, Sunset Mortgage according to Mortgage Implode blew up in 2007. (SOURCE)

Additional emails among Michael Milken (, Ken Lay ( and Lowell Milken (, occurred during the months of February and March 2001. (my complaints about the suspicious death of my mother Agnes S. Allan on March 22, 2001 would fit within the above emails time frame.) The subject matter of these emails notes ‘valuation’, but it is not specific as to what is being valued. The topic of commoditization of water would be consistent with the addresses that are on the list. Someone with jurisdictional authority would have the ability to confirm the subject matter of the emails. (As I have stated I will make the copies available voluntarily to the proper jurisdictional authorities.)

I have reviewed the above cited emails with interest, especially Mr. Fink’s proposed ‘tiered valuation’ "thought". This proposed concept, if implemented, would confirm my claims with respect to the High Birches Springs. Physics tells us that springs, if managed properly, are rechargeable assets. Considering that High Birches Springs has been estimated to have a reservoir of close to ten million gallons, and should be grandfathered in with a large groundwater permit that allows one million gallons per day to be extracted, the value of the reservoir as a commodity would be maintained and additional value would be recognized from the daily water extraction. This would place High Birches Springs, at that time and even perhaps now, at the highest ‘value’ tier.

On the other hand, many water sources that are currently held by other persons named in the emails are depleting aquifers. They depend on rainwater for their replenishment. And, it is a fact, that for whatever reasons, there are drought situations occurring all over the world. So, by comparison those aquifers would fall into the lower tiers.

Clearly, if Mr. Fink’s valuation suggestions were to have been embraced by Mr. Lay, then Azurix would want to have High Birches Springs controlled one way or the other before it launched its securitization (commoditization) plan. And, considering the demise of Enron after these emails were written, coupled with the outrageous behavior of Enron in its manipulation of the California energy market, one would have to be naïve to think differently.

Excerpts from October 13, 2009 Diagnosis of the Office of Forensic Examiner,
State of New Hamsphire

If you do not have a copy of Dr. Petrou’s Report, you can download it @

As part of his conclusion, Dr. Petrou stated [PAGE 16] that "She (Ms. Allan) therefore is essentially looking to use the proceedings as a forum to put to trial her entire delusional thesis. A trial for her will involve attempting to get even more data to understand the alleged conspiracy better, with more investigation and unearthing of details to prove the conspiratorial links still left uncompleted and/or which she had yet to convince a Court thus far. …Indeed, she would like to turn the competency question, about which she had objected, into a full trial of the entire story, and the results of this evaluation may well yet spur yet another flurry of grievance activity. In my clinical opinion, based upon the severe impairment in her rational understanding, Ms. Allan presently is not competent to stand trial."

A reasonable person may wonder why the State of New Hampshire was so concerned about what new discovery I would uncover. And, that the State of New Hampshire was so fearful of allowing that discovery to move forward that it denied a defendant her due process rights? Therefore, the State found it necessary for me to be determined ‘not competent’? Perhaps the above emails are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg? Otherwise, what? More true facts may come out in discovery, if there were a trial? A fair reading of the above written conclusion of Dr. Petrou would strongly suggest that this was New Hampshire’s objective: No Witness = No Case.

Dr. Petrou based his conclusions on work product materials that were, unbeknownst to me in their specifics, given to him by the public defender assigned to my case: Attorney Eric Wolpin. In the below bulleted point he raises the above Enron scenario. But, instead of allowing for discovery such as the above emails, the good doctor determines that I am "nuts" to even have consider there would be such evidence.

    • "She references Enron in one email to Attorney Wolpin, indicating that Enron could not have controlled the market on water as a commodity "unless they controlled me", adding that "I was a monopoly maker or breaker and still am if the water rights remain with me." [PAGE 06]

    On PAGE 11, of the Forensic Evaluation Report, Dr. Petrou commented that "[I] did not interact in a particularly suspicious or paranoid manner, and on the contrary, there was almost a naïve quality in her relating as despite her long history of feeling blocked, turned away, or even harmed by her story, she seemed to presume or expect that her story would be believed, at least largely, if not totally."

    Dr. Petrou continued [PAGE 11]: "On the other hand, this apparent naivete also seemed to reflect a gross lack of insight, both in terms of what would be responsible to expect others to believe and with respect to her own seemingly complete lack of any self questioning or doubts in regards to per perceptions and understandings. Ms Allan’s relative lack of overt interactional paranoia also in part may have been due to not being directly challenged or contradicted. I was attempting to solicit her story as completely as possible for evaluation purposes, but I would also suspect that in general others get into a pattern of trying to avoid confrontation with her that may elicit paranoid reactions, including at time of hopes of avoiding becoming encapsulated as yet another piece of the puzzle within her "story".

    And then, on PAGE 12, Dr. Petrou continued with his diagnosis of me by opining that "The content of Ms. Allan’s thinking, as circumscribed within her living and evolving "case study" or "story", does appear to be psychotic, characterized by a web of non-bizarre delusional perceptions and belief that is self –justified and self-fueled by its own internal logic. She appears to be caught up in a paranoid narrative that also has grandiose and somatic features, as subsequent events as they transpire become integrated within this narrative. There may be elements of her narrative that have some basis in real events, but the manner in which she has interpreted these events and put them together as intrinsically inter related is seriously distorted and ultimately deluded…."

    Dr. Petrou continued to diagnose [PAGE 12] that "Grandiose features of a delusional disorder also are apparent via the inclusion in her "story" of famous or publicly important figures like Whitey Bulger, F. Lee Bailey, Warren Buffet, and the Supreme Court Justice and Governor of NH. In the interview she talked about agencies like the "OIG", "USDOJ", and "SEC" with a dizzying familiarity as though they were almost old friends. Her descriptions at time almost sounded like a novel, and she has a self importance in the "story" that is suggestive of a film documentary. There are multiple indications of her placing herself at the nexus of each chapter of the story, stating that she busted the Blondheim scheme and is the key player in the spring water industry who can "make or break" a company that has interest…"

    Clearly Dr. Petrou did not read books on the Milkens’ criminal past. Or if he did he chose to ignore their implications to my complaints. The record shows that I was the whistle blower for Blondheim. I was questioned by the authorities at that time. And, as for the ‘case study’, I was a witness for the prosecution in USA v Rennert. There was no delusion to that. The fact that I requested the AUSA [Assistant United States Attorney] of the Organized Crime Task Force to extend the investigation into Mr. Gene Phillips and Mr. John Iuele was the responsible thing to have done. The fact that both Mr. Phillips and Mr. Iuele were being protected in some manner from prosecution, at that time, is not a reflection upon my competency. That blame lays elsewhere.

    In summary, the newly discovered emails clearly do not tell the whole ‘story’. But, what they do show is that Dr. Petrou’s Forensic Examination was a figment of his own failure to do a proper evaluation pursuant to the Standards that he was required to use. At the very least, the State of New Hampshire should immediately retract the October 13, 2009 Forensic Evaluation Report, and declare instead that I am competent to stand trial. And, if as Dr. Petrou fears that the trial brings out more newly discovered facts that show my claims that my, and my family’s due process rights have been trashed, then so be it.

    However, at this time, I would urged the Governor to appoint an independent investigator to resolve the question as to the ownership of the rights to the High Birches Springs water supply and distribution system, and to resolve the issue of my family’s damages in a civilized manner. Too much harm has already been done. To put my family through more exposure to danger and harm would be grossly negligent. Because, if certain persons who have a lot to lose may perceive that I DO have testimony that may harm them, they will not hesitate to act first and ask questions later.

    Considering that I am currently out of the country, and living REDACT, I have also copied the head of DHS here. I believe that I may be in some danger, but the timing of it is unclear to me, since I am not privileged to information that may be available to United States Government sources. I am not naïve in these matters either.

    With Respect,

    Jean Allan Sovik fka Jean Vorisek Quinn

    Cc: US DOJ Criminal Division

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