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June 8, 2013

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RE: August 21, 2009 Referral email from US DOJ OIG re: Vienna Treaty Question: re: Jean Allan Sovik, fka Jean Vorisek Quinn; High Birches Springs, North Woodstock, New Hampshire; The Estate of Agnes Sovik Allan; The Jean E. Vorisek Trust, a family trust; Kurt W. Vorisek (US DOJ Criminal Division Fraud complaint number JL 300216673), and Fritz E. Vorisek; Netmark International, Inc.; GAIA Family Limited Partnership, a family partnership.

Dear Sirs:

I recently wrote you on June 3, 2013 with respect to certain newly discovered email information with re: June 2003 Enron referral from USA [United States Attorney] Colantuono et al. I now have been informed by a reliable source that the documents that I seek most likely would be covered by the jurisdiction of the OIG Pentagon.

This is what I have just newly discovered. And, as I have already stated in the prior letter, I can't know what the department of justice knows, so I have to trust that at some time the true facts will be sorted out, if not made public. If what I now know was made available to me by the authorities earlier, my family would have been able to better articulate our situation; but all that is hindsight. We need to move forward with the information that we have now.

With that in mind, I now believe that the OIG of US Department of State will be able to investigate whether it was the receiver of the files of Captain Robert A. Allan when they were transferred from the Panama Canal Commission in 1999. And, if the files were not found by the US Department of State, as I was informed in 2003; then, the entity of competent jurisdiction was the Pentagon: more specifically, the Department of Defense.

Public records show that:

  •  The Pentagon was given jurisdiction over the transfer of records of the Panama Canal Company, and after 1979 the Panama Canal Commission, pursuant to the transfer agreement between the United States and the Republic of Panama. The final transfer occurred sometime beginning in 1999.
  •  A company, ADCS Inc., owned by Brent Wilkes won the bid from the US Department of Defense to digitize certain of the documents.
  •  The fraudulent bid of the Panama Canal digitization project, among other charges of fraud, caused Mr. Wilkes to be convicted by the US DOJ, and sentenced to 12 years in prison. As of June 2012, and after his appeal was denied, it is unclear whether Mr. Wilkes has begun to serve his sentence.
  •  Former Congressman Duke Cunningham has just recently been released from serving his time for bribery in the fraudulent ADCS, Inc. matter, among others.
  •  There was a Report from the OIG of the Pentagon stating that during the transfer, standards of chain of title to certain documents had not been properly confirmed. And, other reports have stated that certain hard copy documents had not been digitized, and could not be accounted for.
  •  The documents were stored in Pier 18 in the Port of Balboa, Panama pending transfer. Employees of the Record Department of the Panama Canal Commission were, I believe, joint custodians.

Considering the above information, it would appear that information with respect to the transfer files pertaining to the employment records of Captain Robert Allan, Marine Division, Panama Canal Company that need to be reviewed would be in the possession of the OIG US Pentagon. After the 1999 transfer the files should not reside in the Panama Canal Company/Commission. Those files, I was informed, are under the jurisdiction of the US Department of State. Therefore, I would respectfully request that you additionally refer my family's request to the OIG of US Pentagon.

Of additional anecdotal interest: During the investigation of Representative Cunningham's bribery case, facts were discovered that linked Mr. Wilkes and his long time childhood friend Dusty Foggo (who was at that time number 3 at the CIA) to a questionable contract for the sale of bottled water. (Porter Goss was Director of the CIA, at that time.)  The reporting did not detail the terms of the contract. But, there was a suggestion that the source of the water was an outstanding question.

Again, anecdotally High Birches Water Supply and Distribution System was illegally foreclosed upon in August 1999. And, by October 1999, known associates of Martha HW Crowninshield began foreclosure action against another of my family's properties located at 309 Waukewan Road, Center Harbor, New Hampshire. (That claim was later assumed by Mr. Robin Arkley). Mr. Arkley and Mr. Wilkes were financial managers of the campaign to elect Arnold Schwarzenegger as Governor of California. In my June 3, 2013 LETTER I have already linked (via information that has been obtained through public sources), Mr. Kenneth Lay, Mr. Warren Buffet, and Mr. Michael Milken to private meetings with Candidate Schwarzenegger. (One inference from the newly discovered emails was that the issue of Water could have been part of the funding discussions.)

As I have already stated, I cannot know what I do not know; but I should have been informed of earlier by the authorities during their investigations of the crimes against my family; even considering the caveat that there may be certain issues that more than likely are classified. With that understanding, I still maintain that Justice Delayed to my family is really Justice Denied. My family's financial legacy rests upon us being given restitution for the crimes that have been committed against us. There is a recent news report that NH Governor Maggie Hassan has just recognized that NH committed a wrong over 200 years ago, and now that wrong has been righted. My family prays that we do not have to wait that long. (Our first complaint was filed against John Iuele whom we believe to have been an alias for James Bulger, in 1989.) We, and the public deserve justice NOW. No more delays please!

And, as final food for thought: During the period of the above cited transfer, there is also additional circumstantial evidence that the files of Captain Robert A. Allan, among other Panama Canal Company/Commission files had not been treated properly, either by the US Pentagon (in the transfer process), or recognized by the US Department of State (on the receiving end of the transfer).

My mother, Agnes Sovik Allan, was dropped from the US Government Pension role sometime during the transfer process. My father, Captain Allan died in 1971, and Agnes was his sole dependant. She had been receiving regular monthly widow survivor checks from my father's pension since that time. But, around the time of the transfer 1999-2000, her checks stopped. I personally was able to get them reinstated. But, in March 2001 she was killed, and the checks were then terminated. In fact, I was ordered to return the last payment. I recognized my identity problems when I applied to renew my US Passport, shortly after my Mother's suspicious death and the disappearance of her remains. Could ownership of the High Birches Water Supply and Distribution be a motive for murder?

In summary, if the OIG of the US DOJ is truly interested in getting to the bottom of this very serious matter, which also involves the theft of US Government property, i.e. Panama Canal Company/Commission documents, then it would also include in its consideration the information that already has been discovered by the OIG of the Pentagon.

I am hopeful that this additional information is helpful to you in your search for a resolution to my family's complaints.

With Respect,

Jean Allan Sovik fka Jean Vorisek Quinn

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