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Jean E. Vorisek Family Trust

Kurt W. Vorisek




October16, 2011

Ronald A. Wilbur, Commissioner

New Hampshire Banking Department

53 Regional Drive Suite 200

Concord, NH 03301

Email Address: NHBD@Banking.State.NH.US

RE: Review Response letter dated September 28, 2011

Dear Commissioner Wilbur:

We have debated whether we should write to you one more time in an attempt to clarify the position of the New Hampshire Banking Department with respect to the judicial status that you have referred to that is associated with the 1988 BankEast loan. In your letter you state: "From my review, our Legal Department has properly reviewed and considered the issue raised in your complaint. Furthermore, the courts have already acted upon these issues".

The New Hampshire Banking Department has been given jurisdiction by the General Court to independently investigate acts of foreclosure fraud which is the precise matter about which we have complained. From reading your letter it is clear that you have relied heavily upon the "Legal Department" to inform your "Review".

If this is the case then did your Legal Department inform you that the New Hampshire Supreme Court has found its own decisions conflicted on this very issue? The public court records show that in re: Upton the Professional Conduct Committee, Judge Kathleen McGuire and finally the NH Supreme Court found that Upton was entitled to collect upon its full contingency fee of approximately $250,000 due to Upton’s testimony that all relevant mortgages had been discharged in that matter. The 1988 BankEast loan was an issue in that matter. In 2006, the Court found in McLane’s clients favor that the mortgage had not been discharged.

The McLane Law Office was local counsel for one of the litigants named in the case that spawned in re: Upton. McLane Law Office had reason to know about the Upton ruling. Yet, the McLane Law Office agreed to represent the alleged successors in interest of the 1988 BankEast loan.

My question to you is upon which prior litigation decision cited above has the New Hampshire Banking Department relied upon in making its final decision that the "matter is now closed"?

As we have previously already explained, we are in the process of continuing to seriously seek justice in this matter. If we cannot obtain justice in New Hampshire, we shall seek justice in another appropriate jurisdiction. We merely want to make certain we have exhausted all of our remedies in New Hampshire. We are legally obligated to attempt to clarify to the best of our ability the final decision of the New Hampshire Banking Department. We are certain that you can appreciate our efforts. As always, we will be available if you wish to discuss the matter further. In any case we would appreciate a prompt reply to our question.


Jean E. Allan aka Jean E Allan Sovik, individually and as Trustee of the Jean E. Vorisek Family Trust

Kurt W. Vorisek



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