From: Jean Allan Sovik
To: "Strelzin, Jeffery"
Sent: Tue, June 29, 2010 6:18:26 PM
Subject: Re: Dick Marple/Jean Allan
Dear Sr. Asst Attorney General Strelzin:
The issue as to whether your office sent me documents in response to the Right to Know request that I made, should have been resolved in your mind when you looked into my Mother's file and saw the response letter that I wrote stating that the autopsy report that was in the file could not have been my Mother. If I recall the description of the body that was autopsied was of a 164 lb woman. When my Mother was admitted to the Lakes Region General Hospital she weighed only 135 pounds. She was on a saline drip for most of the two weeks, and there is no way she gained that much weight. Additionally there were other distinguishing features mentioned in the autopsy report that could not have been my Mother. When I wrote the response letter I received no reply. I recall that it was around this time that I contaced Rep. Marple.
And, secondly, even assuming that the autopsy was of my Mother, what happened to her body after the autopsy? The file was silent on that issue, and since I have yet to receive a credible response from your office I can only assume that you have no paperwork to show me.
As you must be aware, the last person that I spoke to in the Office of the Medical Examiner was Kathrine Weider. She, I believe, was the person who plead guilty to some kickback scheme with certain crematories.
The last e-mail response that I received from your office is incomplete. I believe that your office can do better, or perhaps it needs to relinquish jurisdiction to the US DOJ since the investigator in charge of my Mother was Kelly Ayotte, and the Chief of homicide, at the time of her death is now the current Attorney General of NH.
Thank you for your further attention to this very serious matter.
Jean E. Allan aka Allan Sovik

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