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Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2012 10:06:54 -0500
Subject: Response
From: nh.usmarine@gmail.com
To: [Undisclosed Recipients]

Response more needs to be done for returning Veterans

I am trying to build on eleven-acres of land my wife and I purchased to build small single person cabins rent-free for homeless and returning US Military Veterans. This land is at 101 Stepping Stone Rd Lee NH and it’s only purpose it to help the men and women that went of to other lands to defend and protect our way of life here in the USA. John Ross of Hampton NH wrote an opinion letter about how great it is to place wreaths on graves "but is that enough". He went on to talk about the homeless and the needs of those neglected by the system. The system includes the newspapers censoring opinion letters trying to help the homeless and medically in need US Military Veterans ignored or rejected. The ignorant public is the worst at delaying or stopping progress to help these men and women that gave to keep you safe back here in the real world.

The Fosters ran Ms. Bulfinch’s article about these cabins for the homeless Veterans in NH. The greatest response is that I am a 100% combat related disabled US Marine with four life changing permanent disabilities that was using a chain saw that day. Some one this morning during my morning coffee at Young’s restaurant said that the Fosters should take a picture of me today unable to walk for this is my life out of that one moment she took the picture. It was a well-written article about something good that the overwhelming response the readers harp on is a disabled person working. I was injured four times while a US Marine. Three of these injuries are combat related. I cannot change who I am. I came back alive and was dropped on the streets with no medical or any help to come back. I lived homeless for years when I first came back. It was not my family and friends did not want to help I just did not know them or want strangers degrading a US Marine by taking handouts. One of my injuries is TBI. This means my memory of life before the MC no longer exists for me. I had no memory of the USA from before the accident. I was dropped into a civilized society with no job, money or memory. I broke my back during one Vietnam Offensive. I was blown off the runway during another Vietnam Offensive, which took most of my hearing in both ears for life. The constant loud noises of rifle fire, jet blast and explosions so close combined with the events to go along with this PTSD now haunts my life at the most unexpected moments. It is these norms in my life that make me do this for other US Military Veterans.

I have no idea when, what, where or how but I will build these cabins for the homeless Veterans in NH to have a place which will be home for them. I have just started but I need the public to understand. There is no call for the newspapers to censor my letters other than to teach me that I must conform to the system. No matter how much pain it causes me I will continue to build because our US Military Veterans deserve no less. Pain and my disabilities keep me from working at any moment most of the time. A picture is one moment in time. The one moment that counts and everyone should be thinking about is that moment the first US Military Homeless Veterans moves into the first cabin. To censor these opinions letters enables is just wrong. Thank You N.H. Governor John Lynch for ignoring me as I asked you for understanding and only got rejection.

Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi

465 Packers falls rd Lee NH 03824 603-781-3839

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