Legal Drugs:
Time to “Just Say No”
[Does less equal more while at the same time
more equal less when it comes to our health
when taking a multiple number of
 prescribed medications?
Are we morphing into a nation of hypochondriacs
with big pharma medication advertising?
Metaphorically can this type of advertising
best be considered as
rattling a spoon in a bucket of swill?]

Facebook Employees Are Quitting
Users Are Being Censored
[Anything that begins well ends badly.
Anything that begins badly ends worse.
Pudders Law]]

Oil that doesn’t float:
Tar sands oil shipped through
Gulf of Maine poses threat
[Do we have the technology to clean up a spill
of tar sands (dilbit) happening in the
open ocean (Gulf of Maine) and be able to
 effectively protect marine environments?
Why impose risks on those earning a living
 that are dependent on clean water
for our fisheries economy?]

Slovenia Declares
Water A Human Right
By Amending Constitution
[Should we protect our groundwater reserves
from being depleted for corporate profit?
Is Slovenia metaphorically
digging the well before they need the water
 (aggggg, pun intended)?

It's Official:
Jill Stein Files Petition
For Wisconsin Recount
[Why is Jill Stein filing for a recount
and not Hillary? Since Jill Stein lost
by a wide margin (over 1.3 million votes),
does she have standing to request a recount?
Is this a frivolous recount request?
Wisconsin has only 10 electoral votes.
In the highly unlikely event that Trump
should lose these votes through a recount,
he would still have 296 electoral college votes
- enough  to win
The 2016 Presidency of the United States

How’s Your Water?
[Why is pH level in drinking water
so important; can it affect my health?
How to I test the pH level
in my drinking water and how
can I change it?

Hampshire College Stops
Flying The American Flag -
"It's A Symbol Of Fear"
[Isn’t it about time that our
educational institutions teach students
that The American Flag is
a symbol  of PRIDE and not fear?
Perhaps it is time for a “Come to Jesus”
meeting with them all; ya think?

State Regulators Deny
the Homeless a Free Meal
[Is this a poster child for
classic regulatory
Is this a violation if grandfathered
by public policy? If a violation,
would the state district attorney be
empowered with the discretion
not to prosecute?
What would JESUS DO, again?

Mainstream Media Recap:
Who Colluded
With the Clinton Campaign?
If you listen to Peter tell you about Paul,
you will learn more about Peter
than you will about Paul.
Perhaps then when the mainstream media
criticizes “fake news”, they just might be
telling you about themselves.

The Illusion Called
Medical Journalism:
The Deep Secret
Is the entirety of medical literature
a pipeline for deep fraud?
Do medical journalists often never
let the truth get in the way of a good story?

Innocent Couple
Locked in a Cage for Months
Because Cops Mistook
Baking Soda for Cocaine
If this could happen to one innocent person,
it could happen to ANY innocent person,
including you.
There but for the Grace of GOD go I;
or you as a matter of fact!
 Rescue those who are being taken away to death;
    hold back those
 who are stumbling to the slaughter.
Proverbs 24:11

Whatever happened to the 3  Rs? Would young people now rather watch a video than read, be unable to spell without spell-check or require a calculator for even the simplest math calculations? BTW, what is two thirds of one fourth? Give up? If you did not come up with one sixth as the answer then perhaps you should brush up on your Rithmetic.
About binomial theorem I’m teeming with a lot o’ news –
With many cheerful facts about the square of the hypotenuse.
The Pirates of Penzance, G&S

What next
Hillary investigation?
As previously reported, whatever happened
to Huma’s laptop that was seized
along with Weiner’s?
Did Wikileaks also have the contents
of the documents on these laptops
but, for undisclosed reasons,
choose not to release them?
Other than the FBI and the NYPD,
who else has a copy of the
contents of these laptops?
Will the contents of these laptops
ultimately be sealed in the interests of
National Security or Deep State Secrets?
Will rule-of-law
Trump National Security (pun intended)?
Many times I've lied,
 many times I've listened
Many times I've wondered
 how much there is to know
 Over The Hills And Far Away, Led Zeppelin

Ann Coulter:
Literally Shaking
A great read!
This should bring a few
(most likely plenty of) smiles –
humor in truth, spot on.
Ann Coulter would make an excellent,
talented and effective
White House Press Secretary.

Establishment Media Declares
War On Their Competition
As “Fake News”
Metaphorically,does the Establishment Media
attempt to write the music
while the band is playing and yet not listen
to the music being played by the band?
Do they never let the truth
get in the way of a good story

Was Trump’s “Surprise” Win
Planned All Along?
A Possibility Americans
Can’t Afford To Ignore
[Will President-elect Trump begin to back-track
on major
Even more important, is  President-elect Trump
being made a patsy for the immense
economic crisis and financial mess created
by the privately-owned US central banks
and elite-controlled private banks?

Donald Trump Knows
Skullduggery, and He Knows
Exactly How To Deal With It …
[As some day it may happen
that a victim must be found,
I’ve got a little list
– I’ve got a little list
Of society offenders who
might well be underground,
And who never would be missed –
who never would be missed!
He’s got ’em on the list –
he’s got ’em on the list;
And they’ll none of ’em be missed –
 they’ll none of ’em be missed.
Mikado, Gilbert & Sullivan]


If  you always win
and never lose,
how can you learn how to act
when a loss occurs?
[When everyone is somebody,
then no one's anybody.
Gondoliers, Gilbert & Sullivan

A Few Cold Hard Facts
For Snowflakes
[Trump won; lead, follow or get out of the way!
"Mum mum mum mum mum mum
Get a job
Sha na na na - sha na na na na ..."

The Silhouettes ]


Nestlé Just Granted Permit
To Double Water Extraction
120 Miles From Flint, MI
[Is Nestlé acting nicely? Water is a right to life.
Why are we allowing groundwater reserves
to be depleted for corporate profit?


Anti-Trump Protesters
Take Over
Streets in Major Cities
[“Oh, don't the days seem lank and long
When all goes right and nothing goes wrong,
And isn't your life extremely flat
With nothing whatever to grumble at!"
Princess Ida, Gilbert & Sullivan]


‘Amazing Grace’:
Mike Pence Thanks
 for Election Day Victory
[“Give thanks to the LORD,
for HIS steadfast
love endures forever.”
2 Chronicles 20:21]



America's Ruling Elite
Has Failed
Deserves To Be Fired

FBI Continues
Investigate Clinton Foundation
[Now then, let the fear of the LORD
 be upon you;
for there is no perversion of justice
with the LORD our GOD,
or partiality, or taking bribes.
2 Chronicles 19:07]


Hillary Clinton
Should be in Jail,
Not the White House [?]
[Let the chips fall where they may;
 YOU decide when YOU vote!
For the upright will inhabit the land
    and men of integrity will remain in it;
but the wicked will be cut off from the land,
    and the treacherous will be rooted out of it.
Proverbs 02:21,22]


JULIAN ASSANGE Gives Interview
With RT Yesterday
With Two Revelations.
PLUS, Bret Baier Of Fox News
Got Ahead Of Himself In
Reporting About Hillary’s Indictment
[Is this news story Clinton Camp Damage Control?]


How PE [Private Equity] Firms
Are Flipping Drugs in
Price-Gouging Scheme that
Cannibalizes the Entire US Economy
[Would a beginning step to help address
the high cost of drugs be
 congressional term limits, banning lobbyists,
 and a Supreme Court that
understands and supports our Constitution?
In the meantime, Stay Informed (for example,
investigate alternative medications, ...) –
 Get Involved – Do Healthy Stuff!


Erik Prince:
NYPD Ready to Make Arrests
in Anthony Weiner Case
[Are all Americans entitled to know what
the Clinton's have been up to before
they have the opportunity to vote?
Are Loretta Lynch and Obama’s DOJ
 threatening and pressuring
the NYPD to back off?


The FBI's White Collar Crime Unit
Is Probing The Clinton Foundation
[Semper necessitas probandi incumbit ei qui agit.]


Terrorism Threat:
Trump is Right —
Profile, Profile, Profile
[Have we wrongly confused political correctness
and prejudice with the purpose of profiling
(ergo, scientific correctness)?]

After 12 Point Lead Vanishes
in Week, Clinton Plans
Victory Fireworks Show
[Do not boast about tomorrow,
    for you do not know
what a day may bring forth.

Proverbs 27:01]


FBI Admits To Reopening
Clinton Email Investigation
Due To “Investigative Limitations”
In Original Probe.
SAS Highly Classified Information
Found In Original Probe
In Unclassified Setting!
[Our feelings we with difficulty smother –
When constabulary duty’s to be done –
Ah, take one consideration with another –
A policeman’s lot is not a happy one ...
The Pirates of Penzance, G&S]


FBI Investigation Into Bribery
With Clinton Foundation
Spans Nation, Multiple Field Offices,
Says WSJ
[To secure ourselves from defeat lies
in our own hands,
but the opportunity of defeating the enemy
is provided by the enemy himself.
Sun Tsu, The Art of War]


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