Meet America's Newest
 Supreme Court Justice:
 Judge Neil Gorsuch
For now I’m a Judge!
  And a good Judge too!
Yes, now I’m a Judge!
  And a good Judge too!
Through rule of law I’ll trudge,
Yet I’ll never, never budge,
But I’ll live and die a Judge!
  And a good Judge too!
Trial by Jury
(with apologies to Gilbert & Sullivan)

Why The Cold War Between
 Tech CEOs and Trump
 Is About To Go Nuclear
[Is it all about the money;
 Tech CEOs want to keep
their source of low cost labor?
Are the foreign worker visa programs
 administered so as to protect US national
 interests and the rights
 of American citizen workers?
Are audits performed on wages paid
 to foreign visa tech workers to ensure
 that conditions of the visa programs
are not offended; such as salary paid
[H-1 visa] employees and
  good faith efforts to first hire US workers?
 Would America’s National Interests best
 be served by restricting technology
 outsourced from offshore development
 efforts by high tech companies?]      

Tech world rushes to
 counteract Trump ban
[Which is more important, a brief period
 of inconvenience or the safety of the USA?
Were the public statements from the
 high tech industry leaders based upon
 a presumptive threat to their companies
 and their own political beliefs?
 Have the high tech companies instantiated
 senior management security officers with
 security clearances above Top Secret;
 what clearances for the CEOs?
 Isn’t it about time that the USA had
 an alpha president with the strength and
 motivation to protect the American people?
Have the authors of this article presented its
 content in a biased and non journalistic fashion?]
 He who is estranged seeks pretexts
    to break out against all sound judgement.
Proverbs 18:01

CDC Knowingly LIED
About Mercury in Vaccines:
 Proof Has Surfaced
[Do MMP vaccines contain FIVE TIMES
 more GLYPHOSATE than other vaccines
 which all contain GLYPHOSATE?
Why do
[flu shot] vaccines contain the
neurotoxins formaldehyde and mercury?
Why has Congress passed (1986) a law
 protecting the vaccine industry
 with absolute legal immunity;
 ergo, a “get out of jail free” card?]      

New CIA director inherits
 an agency that is quickly
 developing cyber capabilities
[Will such cyber capabilities embrace
(Heuristic Intrusion Detection)?
Will they address
 encrypted bit stream steganography?]      

Monsanto, EPA
 Seek to Keep Talks Secret
 on Glyphosate Cancer Review
[Is Monsanto covering up the cancer risks
 linked to glyphosate in the Roundup herbicide?
Why has the IARC declared that glyphosate
 is a probable human carcinogen and
California environmental regulators plan
 to list glyphosate as a carcinogen?
Has the EPA given a stamp of approval for the
 safety of glyphosate over the last few decades?
Would you use Roundup on your vegetable garden
 or the lawn on which your children play?
Has glyphosate in Roundup
 been linked to autism in children?

[President] Trump
 EPA pick Pruitt
 is a homerun
[What degree of criminal enforcement
 by the EPA has been focused upon major
 corporations such as Dow, Monsanto and Bayer?
Is the EPA biased to enforcement of
  small business as opposed
 to major corporations?
What part of the EPA 1.2 billion dollar
 legal expense is the result of EPA overreach
 and what part is due to enforcement of
 federal environmental laws
 such as the
Based on his past actions, will Mr. Pruitt
 be expected to recuse himself  on
 some environmental issues?
Does the EPA jurisdiction reach to causes
 of interstate pollution when the proximate cause
 is intrastate pollution?]      

[President] Trump
 Abandons, Dismantles
 The TPP!
[Why was the TPP lobbied, created in secret
 and kept from the American people?
Does the TPP effectively allow for
 the overthrow of the legal sovereignty and
 national jurisdiction of the United States’
 courts and political system
 to a foreign power?
Does the TPP fit the definition of

 I feel like crying . My ancestors built this
great nation and fought several wars to
 keep it free . I was raised in the greatest country
 the world has ever known . And now ,
a bunch of TRAITORS are taking it down
 from within . Donald J. Trump is our last chance
 to save this country . That’s it

THANK YOU President Trump
 for ending America’s entry into the TPP! 

South Florida Residents Protest
The Storage Of Radioactive Waste
Near Main Water Supply
[Is any risk, resulting in radiation pollution
of the Main Water Supply, acceptable?
Have the longstanding and often irreversible
effects of nuclear waste in any ecosystem
been given priority over public policy?
Should laws and regulations written by
lobbyists be reviewed and revised?
Will the terms of the 
[CWA] (Clean Water Act)
be offended?]

Our crumbling infrastructure
[Are infrastructure benefits overestimated
and costs underestimated?

Could our overcrowded prison population
be used to improve the infrastructure
 in this country (America)?
Why not improve American infrastructure
and reduce student loan debt with
some type of quid pro quo arrangement?
 Perhaps understanding of infrastructure
problems by economists and professors
would improve if they worked with
 pick and shovel for two weeks out of each year?
 Do our politicians have the political will
to address infrastructure problems
 with actions and not just words?]

Nothing in life just happens.
You have to have the stamina
to meet the obstacles
and overcome them.
Golda Meir

I pledge allegiance to the Flag
of the United States of America,
and to the Republic for which it stands,
one Nation under GOD, indivisible,
with liberty and justice for all.

Chinese tourists seek
‘lung cleansing’ trips
to Antarctica and Iceland
as smog worsens
[America's coal-fired power plants
are now 90% cleaner than 30 years ago.
Given that air pollution in China is caused
chiefly by thousands of coal-burning
factories, why not establish a joint venture
with the Chinese to help them reduce
the emissions of their coal-burning factories?
Why would China
order local weather bureaus
 to stop issuing
[smog alerts]?]
Clean air, clean water, clean food, warmth
are rights to life.
Grandpa John

Seaweed farming:
A growing industry
[Will Maine seaweed farming help lead
the state to a  new revolution
in American farming?
Could harvested seaweed become an
alternative to GMO non-organic vegetables?
How many people will eat seaweed?
What are the health benefits such as
natural iodine content which the human body
desperately needs to thrive and which is
rarely found in other foods?]

Affordable water in the U.S.:
A looming crisis
[Has unsafe polluted water become
an alternative solution to
affordable safe running water?
When was the last time you provided a
sample to have your home water analyzed?
Must we pay our water bill if the water
provided is found to be polluted and unsafe?
What is
the [CWA] (Clean Water Act)?]
Dig the well before you need the water.
Just an old aphorism, probably from grandma.

Poison Fruit
Dow Chemical Wants Farmers
 to Keep Using a Pesticide
Linked to Autism and ADHD
[Is this pesticide use (chlorpyrifos)
linked to autism
and other neurodevelopmental problems
in our children?
To what extent has this pesticide
tainted our food and water supply?
Why is Dow delaying decisions by the EPA;
is this delay all about the money?
Why are multiple lawsuits from the private sector,
concerning this pesticide,
 being filed against the EPA?
Should the
Delaney Clause] restrictions
on the use of pesticides be restored?]

EPA Acknowledges Neonics'
Harm to Bees, Then
'Bows to Pesticide Industry'
[Why has the EPA acknowledged
that dangerous pesticides (neonics)
are killing bees but has failed to mandate
restrictions on their use?
Why have bee-toxic pesticides
not been taken off the market?
   To bee or not to bee
neonics is the question
With apologies to William Shakespeare]

Deep State puppet John McCain
 and the plan to undermine
[Are Senators McCain and Graham
sub rosa  cheerleaders for the DNC?
Is Senator McCain concerned over
Trump “draining the swamp”?
Why was Senator McCain called “Songbird”
by his fellow POW’s in North Vietnam?]

Elderly Couple Evicted,
Thrown Out On The Street,
For Failing To Pay
Property Taxes On Their Home
[Would the eviction have been prevented
if the owner had filed a Maine
homestead exemption for the property
in which he was residing and
owned at the time?
Does the evicted owner still have an
actionable claim on the property if
the town selectmen falsely refused payment
before title to the property had been transferred?
Given that the evicted owner
was elderly and medically challenged,
have eviction laws and/or procedures
been offended?
Given the dynamics and drama of this travesty,
what is the liability exposure of the
alleged new owner, the selectmen and the town?]

The Drugs May be the Problem –
Inconvenient Truths
About Big Pharma
and the Psychiatric Industry
[Do we really need
“a better life through chemistry”?
How necessary are
“anti-psychotic/major tranquilizer”
drug treatments?
What damages are caused
by taking antipsychotic drugs?
Will they shorten our life expectancy?
Would the APA more appropriately be called
 the American Psychopharmaceutical Association
rather than the American Psychiatric Association?
Is Big Pharma drugs all about the money? /s]

Fluoride Classed As
Neurotoxin In
World’s Top Medical Journal
[What neurodevelopmental disabilities
is fluoride responsible for?
How does fluoridated water
affect our children?
Why is water fluoridation banned
entirely throughout most of Europe?]

The FBI Is Apparently Paying
Geek Squad Members
To Dig Around In Computers
For Evidence Of Criminal Activity
[Has the Fourth Amendment of The United States
Constitution been offended?
Do drive manufacturers
recycle hard drives put in computers?
Are Judges being hoodwinked into
giving warrants when it is not disclosed
that alleged evidence of criminal activity
is found in “unallocated” hard disk space?
I’ll never throw dust in a juryman’s eyes,
Or hoodwink a judge who is not over-wise,
(Said I to myself—said I,)
Iolanthe – Gilbert & Sullivan]

New GOP H-1B bill
appears to fall short
 of Trump’s goal
[Will this bill only serve to give the illusion
that Congress is working on the problem?
Besides H-1B, will serious reform for
foreign work visas address other work visa
programs such as H-2, L-1, B-1, B-2 and F-1?
What oversight (with teeth and
a violations hot line) will be put in place
to ensure compliance
to foreign work visa programs?]

Democrats Refuse to Allow
FBI Access to Computers
to Prove Russian Hacking
[Why has DNC deputy communications
director Eric Walker stated in an email,
...the FBI never requested access to
the DNC’s computer servers
Why has a senior law enforcement official
told CNN that the FBI requests to inspect
DNC servers had been “rebuffed”
 repeatedly by the DNC?
Has the DNC responded to a request
for comment regarding the counterclaim
 levied re FBI in this matter?
Who do WE trust?]

First National Bank
makes donation to Woodchucks
[No one deserves to be cold;
as with water,
warmth is a right to life.
"How much wood would a woodchuck chuck
 if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
"The Woodchuck Song",
written by Robert Hobart Davis]

FBI Never Even Investigated
the DNC Servers
They Claim Russia Hacked
me no talk
Tonto, from The Lone Ranger]

3 Polio Facts
That The CDC
Wishes You Didn’t Know
[Why was the polio vaccine
lauded as one of the greatest
accomplishments of 20th century medicine?
Why did the AMA (The American Medical Association),
in 1956,  instruct every licensed medical doctor
that they could no longer classify polio as polio,
or their license to practice would be terminated?
Did the polio vaccine contain toxic ingredients
directly linked to paralysis?
Was testimony presented to the US Congress in 1951
that polio was being caused by industrial poisons
and that a virus theory was purposely fabricated
by the chemical industry and the government
 to deflect litigation away from both parties?
Who do you trust?
Trust, but verify
 President Ronald Regan

Wall Street,
America's new landlord,
kicks tenants to the curb
[Can the “average” American afford an
after tax $1000 per month
home rental expense?
Where are the  “safety nets”
to prevent those from being evicted
to becoming homeless?
Is it time for base line Federal Housing
(brick & mortar) to ensure a home
(and work) for all citizens?
Do housing vouchers
encourage fraud or idleness?
Are poor farms or county/state homes
preferable to homelessness on the streets?
Will there ever be a time in our life where
we could possibly become homeless?
If you have nothing with which to pay
why should your bed be taken
from under you?
Proverbs 22:27]

15th Annual Penguin Plunge
[Brrrrrrrr ...
Maine, the way life should be;
especially in the “win-ta”]

Dave Barry
takes a look at
one weird 2016
[Is this difficult to read
without laughing out loud (LOL)?]

May the New Year be a happy one to you,
happy to many more
 whose happiness depends on you!
The Chimes, Charles Dickens

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