John McCain cuts off reporters
who ask about the $1 MILLION
donation from the Saudia Arabian
government to his bogus
money-laundering non-profit
 McCain Institute
[Why would McCain cut off questions about
 a Saudi donation
"Anyone [ergo Saudi Arabia] who's going
to chip in a million dollars or more to the
McCain Institute is going to get
 John McCain's ear." -  ya think; ethics?
 Is it in Saudi Arabia's interest
 to try to influence John McCain?
Is John McCain part of “The Swamp”?
What does John McCain have to hide?]

Welcome Aboard...
But First US Marshals
Will Scan Your Retina
[When will DNA samples be required;
how about retina scans for voting;
 and why not implant an RFID chip? /s
On what basis is boarding denied
 and where and by whom will this
 retina data be stored/accessed
With no warrant, are our 4th amendment
 rights being violated with a retina scan?
If one complies with a scan request,
 has one given up their 4th amendment rights?
Are there contact lenses that can alter
 retina scan identification and if so,
 how do retina scans
 deal with contact lenses?]

Wikileaks Exposes John McCain’s
 Illegal Request for Campaign
 Cash From Russian Ambassador
 Who Suddenly Died
 Monday in NYC
[If you listen to Peter (JM) tell you about
 Paul (DT), you will learn more about
 Peter (JM) than you will about Paul (DT).
Did John McCain attempt to force Russia
 to interfere in the 2008 presidential
Was the request sent to Ambassador Churkin
 illegal and was this fact
ignored by John McCain?
Why is John McCain even allowed to serve
 as a United States Senator;
 is he part of the swamp?]

Cape Cod’s
big drinking water problem
[Do residual chemicals (such as PFOA,
 PFOS, ...) seeping into the ground water
 put the water supply “under seige”?
What would happen if our drinking water,
 coming from an underground aquifer,
 was suddenly found at risk?
How well do we understand the impact
 of the mixture of multiple contaminants
 found in our drinking water?
Could we soon be drinking
 sewer cocktails
 from drinking water faucets?
Are we kicking the can down the road
 when it comes to waste-water treatment?]

You're overpaying for drugs,
 and your pharmacist
 can't tell you
[Why are co-pays at times
 more expensive than if a prescription
 was bought without insurance?
Why are lawsuits being filed for
 defrauding patients through racketeering,
 breach of contract and
 violating insurance laws?
Are you a victim of clawbacks?]

White House Fingers
 John McCain As Media Leak;
 Believes U.S. Senator
 Eavesdropped on Trump’s
 Classified Phone
[Would songbird be an appropriate
 nickname for John McCain?
Would it now be time for
US Attorney General Jeff  Sessions
 to determine if  McCain has violated
 any Federal US statutes?
Is John McCain jealous of
President Donald Trump as
 Donald Trump was successful
 in his bid for election as
 President of The United States of America
 whereas John McCain was unsuccessful?]

For jealousy makes a man furious,
   and he will not spare when he takes revenge.
He will accept no compensation,
   nor be appeased though you multiply gifts.
Proverbs 06:34,35

Cheese Recall Affects
 130 More Products …
 But The FDA
 Isn’t Allowed to Name Them
[Does a clause in the federal code
 prevent the FDA from disclosure?
Why does a federal code protect
corporations rather than consumers?
Cheese it Mickey, here comes the FDA.]

Dem. Senator Demands
Answers Amid Reports of
 Warrantless Phone Searches
 at Airport Border Crossings
[Is the search of electronic devices
 at boarder crossings an exception
 to the 4th amendment
 prohibiting warrantless searches?
How would the US Customs agents
 detect hidden files; what if
 steganography was used to hide data
 in pictures of the American flag?
Will US customs agents require passwords
 to social media internet sites?]

Vertical Forests
Coming to China
[Has the old tired and worn phrase,
 “Going out to get a breath of fresh air
 taken on a new meaning?
Can houseplants be used to improve
 the air we breath inside our homes?
Do you have to wear a face mask
 when outside due to polluted air?
Smoke, smoke, smoke that cigarette
Puff, puff, puff and if you
 smoke yourself to death
Tell St. Peter at the Golden Gate
That you hate to make him wait
But you just gotta have another cigarette
Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette
Written by Merle Travis and Tex Williams

Pulitzer-winning Journalist
 who covered the Vietnam War
 in country calls out McCain
 for his POW cover-up
[Has McCain attempted to bury information
 about POWs left behind in Vietnam; why?
Does McCain have feelings of shame
 based on his memories
 as a POW in North Vietnam?
Has the MSM backed away
 from reporting McCain’s POW story?
Is McCain hiding anything?
Who would you trust -
President Donald Trump or McCain?]

Study Finds
 TSA Airport Scanners
 ‘Damage DNA’
[Have airport scanners been
 thoroughly tested?
Is it safer to opt out from scanner
 and instead have a pat down?
If you are a TSA agent,
 is it safer to find another job?]

Retail store demands
 everyone submit to cop run
 facial recognition
 before gaining entry
[Would your picture also be contained
 in a facial recognition database if you use
 Facebook,  have a drivers license or passport?
How accurate are facial recognition databases?
Will cosmetic surgeons benefit from an
 increased use of  facial recognition technology?
Before you know it,
 they will be passing laws against
 wearing masks in public
[Ya think]?]

Ann Coulter:
 The Silence of the
 Lambs Congress
[“I am not presently calling for these
 useless, narcissistic, Trump-bashing
 Republicans to be defeated in their re-election
 bids, but they’re on my Watch List.”
Call your congressman and Senators!
 Let them know that we will NOT tolerate
 a GOP that won't support its own
 sitting President.
 (202) 224-3121 or 202-863-8500 for RNC
Is the only thing that gives
 obstructionist Democrats
 a chance in 2018, obstructionist Republicans?
As some day it may happen that
 a victim must be found,
I’ve got a little list – I’ve got a little list
Of  Republican offenders who
 might well be underground,
And who never would be missed –
 who never would be missed!
There’s ’St – ’st – ’st – and What’s-his-name,
 and also You-know-who –
The task of filling up the blanks
 I’d rather leave to you.
But it really doesn’t matter whom
 you put upon the list,
For they’d none of ’em be missed –
 they’d none of ’em be missed!
MIKADO with apologies to Gilbert & Sullivan

The Spy Revolt
 Against Trump Begins
[Is Flynn stupid, arrogant or sly like a fox?
Why are faceless bureaucrats able to
 take out a president's national security
 adviser based on a campaign of innuendo
 without evidence;
 should this worry every American?
Do CNN negative releases serve to support
 President Trump since their creditability
 has been  severely damaged
 due to Fake News reporting?
Whom do you trust –
 President Trump or the MSM?
Are those charged with national security,
 failing to protect President Trump and
 the security of The  USA

If there is disturbance in camp,
 the general’s authority is weak.
 If the banners and flags are
 shifted about,
sedition is afoot.
If the officers are angry,
 it means that the men are weary.
 If a general shows confidence in
 his men but always insists on
  his orders being obeyed,
 the gain will be mutual.
It is the business of a general to be
 quiet and thus ensure secrecy;
 upright and just,
 and thus maintain order.
The Art of War, Sun Tzu

Robin Beres:
 How do we find truth
 in an age of
 Trump-induced hysteria?
[Are Congressmen and Senators, that
 cast President Donald Trump as an
 illegitimate president, more damaging to
 a stable democracy in the USA than
 anything which has occurred
 since his inauguration?
 If  every action by the President is cast
 in a negative light by the mainstream media,
 how does one learn of the positive aspects;
 does the mainstream media
 diminish its credibility with
 bias, innuendo  and “Fake News”?
 How emetic is the hypocrisy of the liberal
 media and will they ever get over themselves
 in time to “man up” and be part of
 Making America Great Again?]

"Panic" Spreads Among Hispanics
 After Hundreds Of Illegal
 Immigrants Arrested
[Are the US Immigration Courts able to
 process increased volume
Is there a
scheme going on?]
Rescue those who are being
 taken away to death;

    hold back those who are
stumbling to the slaughter.

Proverbs 24:11


 Trump Must Break
 Judicial Power
[“... elected representatives and executives
 make the laws and rule the nation.
 Not judges, and not justices.” AMEN
Has the emetic conduct of Federal Judges
 made a case for Congress to restrict
 the jurisdiction of the Courts as provided
 for in Article III, Section 2, of the
 US Constitution
Is a clipping of the Court’s
 jurisdictional wings long overdue?]      

Ninth Circuit Claims
 Unprecedented Power,
 Affirms Ban on Immigration EO
[Have Judge James Robart’s actions violated
[CANONS] for the Code of Conduct
 for United States Judges?
Have attorneys objecting to the
 Presidential Executive Order imposed
 Abuse of Process or Fraud Upon The Court?
Does the Federal District Court and the
Federal Appeals Court lack jurisdiction
 as supported by the Plenary Power Doctrine
with Federal Statute underpinnings?
Is the litigation that has ensued an
 ongoing attempt to erode
 the Zadvydas decision as a precedent?]

Exclusive —
 The Spirit of America:
 Conservative Grassroots Leaders
 Plan Massive Pro-Trump
 Demonstrations Nationwide
When the righteous are in authority,
the people rejoice;
but when the wicked rule,
the people groan.
Proverbs 29:02

The Number-One
 Mind-Control Program
 At US Colleges
[Have ordinary feelings of adolescent
 insecurity resulted in our trusting young
 being prescribed toxic psychiatric drugs?
Is a psychiatric drug plague accelerating
 across the land?
Why is chemical imbalance given as an
explanation for psychiatric drugs when
 researchers have never established a normal
 baseline for chemical balance?
Will Big Pharma back off on the use of
psychiatric drugs if trillions of dollars are at stake?
Should we fight for the right to refuse toxic
 medication; and as a parent,
 to refuse toxic medication for our children?]

Time to Stop Illegal, Immoral,
 Unconstitutional Drone
 Policy of Bush, Obama, Trump
[When it comes to drones, are we equating
 President Trump with Obama and Bush;
 has President Trump  been in office
 long enough (only two weeks)
 to make a fair comparison?
Is our (USA) drone policy totally immoral?
 Is the term collateral damage caused by
 drones a euphemism for the unintentional
 killing and maiming of
 innocent women and children?
How long before blow back occurs where
 terrorists and anarchists are able to send drones
 and cause collateral damage in the USA?
Has the US Congress approved the
 drone policy of the USA; if so, WHY?
Do other countries view USA drones
 as an act of terrorism?
Do the majority of Americans support the right
 of their government to kill anyone,
 anywhere, any time; as long as it is done
 in the name of “national security” or
 “public policy”; and is it really “national security
 or “public policy” when the government
 or the MSM states that to be the case?
Will we ever realize that President Trump
 is part of the solution and NOT the problem?]

Ninth Circuit Punts
 Emergency Stay on Immigration
 Until Later This Week
[Has the MSM
 Federal Appeals Court denied a request for
 a stay rather than reporting the fact that
 a decision was delayed pending the receipt of
 arguments (briefs) by both sides
 within the next 72 hours?
Knowing the law is on President Trump's side,
 is the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals attempting
 to delay matters by not immediately ruling on
 an Emergency Stay?
 Is this decision a “no brainer” (If you are
 an attorney writing an appellant brief,
 don’t use this term; Judges don’t like this)?
Is the Federal District Court’s ruling on the
 Emergency Stay lacking in particularity & specificity;
 ergo, have the Plaintiffs thrown whatever they
could up on the wall to see what sticks but
the Federal District Court Order has failed
 to specify what sticks?
Has the Federal District Court of Seattle
 exceeded its jurisdictional authority by extending
 a block to the President’s Order nationwide?
What jurisdictional standing does the
 Seattle Federal District Court and the
 Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
 have in matters of national security?
Have judicial cannons been offended and if so,
 what accountability/sanctions may be
imposed upon the lower courts
 (Federal District and Appeals)?]

White House Vows
 ‘Emergency Stay’ of
 Judicial Order Thwarting
 President’s Immigration Order
[Was the Federal District Court decision
 political rather than one of rule of law?
Does the United States Supreme Court
 have original jurisdiction concerning this case?
Does Section 1182f of Federal immigration
 statutes affirm the position of the POTUS?
 Which must have priority; the alleged moral
 high ground of the Left or the
 security of  our nation (USA)?
Will the
[Notice of Appeal] filed by the US DOJ
 serve to affirm an Emergency Stay?
Was the Federal Court Order
made of whole cloth?

Is Microsoft
 Purposefully Degrading/Crashing
 Internet Explorer to
 Bully Users into Upgrading to
 Windows 10 & Edge?
[If updates to Internet Explorer are free,
why not turn them off?
There is no such thing as a free lunch;
 and if you think there is you are it.]

America’s Student Debt
 Problem Is Much Bigger
 Than Anybody Realized
[Have student loans been instrumental in
 making higher education unaffordable?
Can student loan forgiveness offered
 for work in the public sector
 be viewed as a perverse incentive?
Do student loans have an adverse affect
 upon skills needed for the economy?
Have student loans put a damper on
 independent thinking and judgment?
Have student loans cosigned by parents
 added further burdens to the retirement
 years of those parents; why not make
 the educational institutions also
 cosigners for those loans?
 Do your heirs have student loans
 in default, hummmmm?

Even soldiers need rest

(Bernadette King)

Ann Coulter:
 Give Me
 Your Tired Arguments…
[Should all countries of the world
 send their losers to the USA?
Does the MSM insist that immigrants/refuges
 have a constitutional  right to enter the USA;
How many immigrants are coming to the USA
 to get free health care or visit family;
 would they have been admitted into
 this country over fiifty years ago?
Does CNN viewer numbers essentially
 count every person who sets foot
 into an airport as a viewer by assuming
 airport TVs are tuned into CNN;
 if so would they be fooling their advertisers?