Jean E. Allan

309 Waukewan Road

Center Harbor, NH 03226


October 30, 2006

Mr. Glenn A. Fine, Inspector General

Office of the Inspector General


950 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Room 4706

Washington, DC 20530

Re: Follow-up on letters sent to US DOJ IG Office from New Hampshire State Representative Richard Marple to include High Birches investigation, among other things

Dear Inspector General Fine:

As you are aware, by now, on June 17, 2003 New Hampshire Senator Judd Gregg sent a letter to one of his constituents, Bruce Lewis, stating, among other things, that the High Birches investigation "appears to be a matter for the criminal justice and court system to resolve". And, as you are also aware by now, on June 18, 2003, United States Attorney, Thomas P. Colantuono, from the USDOJ office in Concord, NH, forward documents to the Fraud Section, Criminal Division, of the US DOJ attention Josh Hochberg, who was Chief at that time. These were documents that Attorney Colantuono’s office had been receiving from me. Central to those findings were the Azurix Company, Ken Lay, and his connection to those parties who operated out of Valhalla, NY, among other connected individuals to include the Christiana Bank and New Power, Inc. As you are also aware, Robin P. Arkley, controls SN Servicing, Inc. and its client Ingomar, LP, the company that is currently attempting to foreclose upon the Center Harbor property that is owned by the Jean E. Vorisek Family Trust.

Shortly after the referral to Mr. Hochberg, I began to send data on the findings of my independent investigation into the criminal acts against my family, myself personally, and our business interests. My findings can be reviewed in the files of the US DOJ Criminal Division; or alternatively, I have maintained the originals, and will make them available for your review, which I would trust would be forthcoming.

Because the High Birches saga covers a span of eighteen years, which began in the late 80’s, around the same time as the collapse of the New England S&Ls, I will not endeavor to cover all the points of concern in this letter today. Suffice it to say that in general what has happened to my family and our business interests is merely a pattern of what has happened to other selected targets. The pattern is clear: the targets are dispersed and the beneficiaries of the criminal acts are concentrated in a relatively small international cartel. At this time, these same people appear to be successfully manipulating the world’s capital markets, and have been, and are, buying or controlling the world’s natural resources. My findings have been born out by recent related successful convictions obtained by the US DOJ, and the recently announced investigation by the GAO of the SEC.

Why is it that my family is in need of your immediate services? Simply put, the influential individuals who have violently attacked my family personally and have stolen its business properties in the past are still at it. One of our last remaining properties in Center Harbor, New Hampshire is currently at risk. The evidence clearly shows that those in the chain of title (Ingomar, LP) who are in the process of foreclosing on our family’s New Hampshire home, have committed bank fraud, as well as fraud on the civil court systems, in order to give a showing of ‘the color of law’ for their unlawful acts. The difficulty appears to be that only the US DOJ has subject matter jurisdiction under, USC Title 18 and Title 15. I am convinced that if reviewed by your offices, you would agree with me that these have been, and are, willful criminal acts.

My family has put Ingomar, LP on notice that it is premature to foreclose upon our Center Harbor, NH residential property. [See attached letter to Capital Appraisal Associates w/encl.] It is our firm position that due to bank fraud and fraud upon the courts, that there is still a crime in progress.

My family is under no illusions that we, acting alone, cannot stop those who have targeted us. Our overall situation also includes the suspicious death of my mother, Agnes S. Allan; two physical attacks upon my person; issues of stolen identity; coupled with the cartel’s ability to buy influence whenever and wherever necessary; makes us very concerned that more harm may be brought to bear in the very near future.

We realize that it has been over three years since our matter was sent to Washington, DC; and we also realize that those individuals named by us have very close and influential ties with the current administration. However, there must be a way for the US DOJ to assist us in finding a remedy that will restore our High Birches Spring property to us, clear title to the Center Harbor property and provide restitution for our damages to date; and, put in jail those individuals who have violently and illegally attacked us.

US DOJ has an affirmative duty to mitigate further damages to targets such as my family, and others who are currently suffering from the attacks of these predatory individuals. Public policy demands that the public be protected. We respectfully pray that you would personally request a review of the status of the investigation and share your findings with my family. We are in extremis now.


Jean E.Allan, individually and as Trustee of the Jean E. Vorisek Family Trust