Jean E. Allan aka Jean E. Allan Sovik


Email: [REDACT]

November 21, 2011

Office of the Attorney General, Martha Coakley

Fraud and Financial Crimes Division

One Ashburton Place

Boston, MA 02108
Fax: (617) 727-5755
Re: Inquiry relative to possible fraud and financial crimes committed upon Netmark International, a Massachusetts Corporation.

Dear General Coakley:

At this time, I am not certain whether your office might have any jurisdiction over an ongoing complaint relative to one of my family’s businesses, but we thought that you should be made aware of it anyway. In these very tough economic times, business taxes are an important source of revenue for any state. A number of years ago my family began operating a spring water business. The springs were located in New Hampshire, but much of our business activity was Massachusetts based.

Our business was sabotaged by what we believe to have been associates of organized criminals. This ended badly for us, and also for the State of Massachusetts, who as the business continued to grow, would have been the beneficiary of business taxes from at least one of our companies, Netmark International Inc., a Massachusetts corporation. Company headquarters were located at 10 Post Office Square, Boston, MA. Other Massachusetts companies involved in our nascent business venture included the Amsdell beverage packaging facility, a Tetra Pak packaging company, which was located in an industrial park near Taunton, as well as the Maritime International Terminal, located in New Bedford.

We have been following your office’s interest in financial fraud, and robo signing frauds. Our case even has one of the ‘uber’ robo signers, Victor Parisi, as a bit player. He allegedly was employed by one of Robin Arkley II’s (a major party in our many complaints) companies, and his name appears as the signatory on a document associated with our particular situation. We felt that your office might be interested in this issue.

The saga of the water supply source, High Birches Springs, and Netmark International Inc.’s branded spring water - High Birches Mountain Spring Water, Starts Pure – Stays Pure, The Sustainable Source – was permitted in State of Massachusetts, and was selling product when the sabotage occurred. The story, unfortunately, highlights everything that is wrong with crony capitalism in America today. We have begun to publish bits and pieces of the saga on the web site.

However, what may be of particular interest to Massachusetts Fraud and Financial Crimes Division is the fact that just after I had been subpoenaed to testify as a witness for the USDOJ Organized Crime Task Force, US District Court, Eastern Division of Pennsylvania, AUSA Audrea Faulks, Prosecutor in re: USA v Rennert et al, in March 1997, the first act of sabotage occurred on the High Birches Springs pump house. We reported the crime to the local authorities. There was no investigation. We were able to repair the damage and continue to send water to the Tetra Pak facility. At that time we had been selling our first spring water product, which was a 12oz box of High Birches Spring water. This was boxed in Tetra Pak, under contract with Amsdell. The finished product was then shipped to Maritime International Terminal where it was stored and then shipped to customers throughout the United States via US Postal Services.

The Tetra Pak box was unique in that we were able to display The Nature Conservancy logo of the Oak Leaf. At that time I believe we were the only product to do so. As part of our contract with TNC we were going to donate a portion of our profits to their good works. TNC was in the process of assisting us with establishing a physical matrix so that we could establish a definitive definition of ‘Sustainable’ that could be used as a model for ground water withdrawal permits. We had also been in talks with George Magazine and The River Keeper in order to establish relations to jointly promote the concept of the importance of ‘sustainability’ and deep ecology issues. High Birches "The Sustainable Source" was a natural fit. The High Birches Springs had obtained a New Hampshire groundwater permit that would allow us to extract one million gallons per day. The High Birches Springs have an estimated reserve of up to ten million gallons per day.

In April of 1997, I filed the attached Easement Deed on behalf of Netmark International, Inc. We were continuing to slowly establish our sales base to sell water across the United States. By September 11, 1997 the main production well had been sabotaged with a cocktail of chemicals to include heavy metals and other carcinogens.

This was an act of commercial sabotage, and I reported it immediately to Boston’s office of the US EPA. An investigator from Boston was dispatched to the crime scene. And, then it all went wrong. The US EPA investigator was pulled of]f] the investigation by his superiors and New Hampshire took jurisdiction. I was named the primary suspect. And, money, political power and muscle spoke more loudly than I. The State of NH decommissioned the well, cementing it shut. They allowed the land to be foreclosed upon in August, 1999. A New Hampshire Superior Court judge dismissed the Easement Deed as not valid, and determined that Netmark had no rights to the spring water asset. The New Hampshire Supreme Court affirmed the lower court’s decision.

Please note that my family and business associates have never given up on seeking an avenue to justice through those in responsible authority, even after many years of seeking to have this situation examined in an unbiased venue in the light of day. At this time, we still believe that the Easement Deed may in fact be valid. We have other circumstantial evidence that would suggest that other financial institutions and title companies now agree with our assessment. We have requested an opinion from the New Hampshire Attorney General on this issue. We have also requested assistance from the Criminal Division of the US DOJ. The NH AG has written a recent letter essentially stating that, at this time, it does not have the resources or interest to pursue our complaints.

At this time, after certain acts of violence against my person by unknown perpetrators, my family has agreed that I should join one of my sons who is currently living in and is employed in Southeast Asia. I have recently applied for a visa using my Panamanian Passport. I am a dual US and Panamanian citizen. Due to issues of stolen identity there is a cloud over my US citizenship. We have filed a request for US DOJ to review this issue along with our other complaints. We believe them to be all related. As I stated to the NH AG and US DOJ Criminal Division, in a recent email, we are not quitting, but my relocation is a strategic retreat that my family and I believe is well advised at this juncture. We believe my safety is a consideration that we cannot afford to ignore.

In summary, as I stated earlier and as the facts show, we had a business venture underway, with the potential of significant tax revenues that would have been generated for the State of Massachusetts. What seems appropriate is that as you continue with your current investigations, and if someone from your good offices were to review our facts, we believe that they would find a definitive trail of financial fraud that is a continuum from the time of the S&L financial fraud crisis.

I believe that unless the financial perpetrators are not brought into the light of justice, to include appropriate jail time for even the "elite perpetrators", the process of financial terrorism will continue in our country until the 99% won’t have a voice left to protect.

I further believe that President Obama’s 2011 July Executive Order targeting financial terrorists must have more exposure. International Financial Terrorism is more deadly to the American Way of Life and to the American Dream than any other enemy that I can think of. I would strongly suggest that if a reasonable person ‘cares to look’ as Bill Black says, ‘they will find’.

After reading this correspondence, please take a few moments to review some of our documents on NHJUSTICE.NET.

If anyone from your office who is investigating the financial and fraud you have been uncovering, and would care to interview us, I may be reached at the above addresses, or telephone number shown on the letterhead. If it might be helpful to you, my two sons and business associates will also make themselves available.



Jean E. Allan aka Jean E. Allan Sovik




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