From: Jean Allan Sovik
To: "Strelzin, Jeffery"
Sent: Tue, June 29, 2010 10:57:04 AM
Subject: Re: Dick Marple/Jean Allan

Dear Sr. Asst Attorney General Strelzin:

I have read the attached e-mail from you with great interest. Perhaps you are not aware of my current situation: so I will update you.

On May 5, I was ruled incompetent by a Laconia District Court Judge in re: State v Jean Allan docket # 09-cr-4147. The ruling was a confirmation of an October 13, 2009 Report by the
Report by the Office of Foresenic Examiners. The October 13, 2009 Report, I have been led to believe, was a follow up Report filed by Dr. James Adams sometime after the sabotage of the production well of the High Briches Mountain Springs on or about September 11, 1997. The court Order stated that my competency would be reviewed sometime in October of 2010.

Therefore, after writing to the court with respect to my bail situation, and receiving no reply, I have assumed that I was free to leave the state until October..I am in the process of leaving the country to visit family in Asia. If there is a problem with these plans, please let me know as soon as possible.

With respect to the death and disappearance of my mother Agnes Sovik Allan, the State should have access to the information that you seek. In 2001, I sent extensive information to include copies of the Lakes Region General Hospital Records [ which by the way were redacted days after her disappearance]. You may however, find that the file in your office has been purged as I filed a request for it and was essentially given nothing of value: not even the information that I had submitted was located.

What may be of assistance to you, however, is that I kept copies of all the documents that I sent to your office. The problem there is that the State forcibly evicted me from the home where my mother was living at the time of her death on May 15, 2009. I was arrested for criminal trespass and ultimately I spend 3 days in solitary lock up at the Belknap County facilities. Waukewan Holdings, LLC, the company that caused my arrest has possession of the documents that you are seeking, if they still exist.

I have filed complaints with the OIG US DOJ and received an e-mail confirmation that my complaints had been referred to USDOJ Criminal Division, Sec State, and,Social Security Administration. Also, I have filed a Brief in re civil case: Waukewan Holdings, LLC v Jean Allan 2010-051, with the NH Supreme Court. Waukewan Holdings, LLC's Brief is due July 9th. I have asked the NH Supreme Court for a de novo review of the issue of ownership of the property where I was evicted that is owned by the Jean E. Vorisek Family Trust and located at 309 Waukewan Road, Center Harbor, NH...The question of rights also extends to the 'water rights and permits' issued to a c-corp owned by the Jean E Vorisek Family Trust. Those rights were terminated by the State in 1998. Possession was given to Martha HW Crowninshield by US District MA Fed Judge after NH made contact and said that it wanted to police its own environmental problems. I at that time was the prime suspect.
Once the NH got the jurisdiction it wanted it did no further investigation, based upon the report that I am not competent to stand trial.

My mailing address if you need to contact me is PO Box 532, Frankfort, KY 40602.

I made a promise to my Mum just before she died that I would help the authorities bring to justice those who harmed her..I hope and pray that the time has come to get to the bottom of what my Mum called an 'awful awful' thing that happened to her.


Jean E. Allan aka Allan Sovik

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