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Subject: Wrongful death of my mother Agnes S. Allan; the coverup, and disappearance of her body [the evidence] in 2001 - Still no answers from hospital or state

Dear Mr. Moore,

On March 9, 2001 my mother Agnes S. Allan, who was 90 year old, appeared to be suffering from a bladder infection. She was alert and on no medication. I was living with her at the time, and it was I who insisted that she go to the hospital. She had been seeing a private care doctor on a regular basis she had no chronic illnesses.

The emergency intake Dr. put her on Cipro and said she should stay in hospital for the night in order to have intravenous application of meds. The next day she appeared quite improved and alert and complaining about hospital food. Her friend and I visited. Her primary care Dr. was off and she was placed in another Dr.'s care. This Dr. we now know took her off the medication that was working and replaced it with other medication that he should have had reason to know that she would be allergic to. At the time, I was unaware of any problem although I made myself available and the chart showed that if there were any problem, I should be notified immediately. I left to get some dinner and sleep.

Shortly after 6 am the next morning I received a call from an emergency Dr. and he said mother had died or was dying, she suffered shock over the night. I rushed to the hospital. When I got there they couldn't find mother. It was several hours before they found her. I was distraught. Finally when I saw her I could not believe what I was seeing.

Mother's tongue was so large that it hung out of her mouth red and swollen. He body was swollen almost double in size and her right arm was triple its normal size and black. She looked as if she had been hit by a train. She was not on her meds or getting any attention. It was almost as if she was put in a corner to die before I got to her.

It remains to be seen what really happened to her. I have reviewed the redacted hospital records and there are gaps at critical times. The chart did show that she had also been given a drug that would erase her memory and it partially worked. Mother could not remember anything after the event that I am about to explain, but in her own words she did remember the event and I was able to piece parts of her 'awful awful' story with the redacted hospital records.

The short story is that shortly after the Dr. changed the meds, mother, who was a nurse herself, recognized that she was having an allergic reaction to the new meds. She tried to tell the nurse. The nurse called one of her primary care Dr.s at home. It was clear he did not want to come in so he prescribed another drug that he knew she was allergic to.

She was left on the initial drug the she was complaining about.

Mother after complaining many times more, as the record shows, then took out the tubes to stop the poison from coming into her body. At that time according to her about 4 people came and began to beat on her and forced the tubes back into her. She tired in vain to save her own life but they were too strong for her. The poison went into her system and put her into shock and kidney failure.

It was several days after that I was able to understand the whole story. One of the nurses confirmed mother's version of the events. I demanded that she be put back on feeding tubes so that she could live to tell me her version of how she had been killed. For over 14 days I never left her bed. Her arm was becoming gangrenous and I knew it was time for her to die.

Again, the hospital moved us into a room with no heat and very little attention. The nurses were very guilty and tried to make us comfortable, but everyone was afraid. Finally when mother felt that she had told me everything that she could we prayed together and she agreed to die, if I promised to bring those who had a hand in killing her to justice. I made the promise to her and she died.

I told the hospital that in accordance with the law of the state that I wanted a forensic autopsy. The Dr. signed off on the autopsy request and I signed what was required of me. I went home exhausted to get some sleep. I had not slept in almost two weeks.

The next day I called the hospital only to find yet again it had misplaced mother's body. I said she should be in the morgue as she was being autopsied. Not. I finally talked to the pathologist and was told that the Dr. rescinded the order. There would be no autopsy. I demanded that mother be located which she finally was, or so I was told. I never saw her again.

I called several other hospitals in the state and requested a private forensic autopsy. All refused. I then called the state Attorney General and demanded that the state do the forensic autopsy. I was going back and forth with state and hospital for more than a week. Time lost. Finally the state agreed to pick up mother after the hospital threatened to throw her body out into the parking lot.

The state came but told me I could not be present. The state now had jurisdiction. Since most of the state's documents have been shredded or otherwise have gone missing, even after a Right to Know Request was filed, I do not know what happened to my mother after that.

What I do know is that no forensic autopsy was done. I know that I paid the state ME for the report. This same state ME has now been indicted form some kickback scheme involving the hospitals and crematories. Her trial is scheduled sometime this year. In any event, as of this writing I have no legal death certificate, and no body.

All I have is the promise that I made to my mother to find who killed her and bring them to justice. I am afraid however that Justice is part of the problem and not part of the solution in this case. If you can do anything to shine the light on this 'awful awful' mystery I would greatly appreciate it.

MY mother as a young girl in 1936 followed my father to the Panama Canal Zone. My father was a pilot and later Port Captain for the Atlantic side of the Canal. During the Second World war my mother drove trucks on the docks for the war effort. She did philanthropy. She put up with my father. She was a hero. She deserves Justice. Please help me find out what happened to her.


Jean E. Allan


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