From: Jean Allan Sovik <>
To: "" <>
Sent: Wednesday, October 26, 2011 11:44 AM
Subject: States County Registers file for tax-filing-fee-evasion

Dear Attorney General Delaney:

It would appear that other States and County Registers have come to a similar conclusion as I have with respect to the McLane Law Firm's clients who have violated (with intent) NH RSA 477:3-a. In fact, in a recent Reply to both the NHSC ADC and NHBD McLane's pat defense was essentially 'no harm, no foul'. But a quick reading of the three articles attached below would show a reasonable person that other States and County Registers are suing the lawyers and their clients for a variety of tax evasions, to include the non filing of mortgage assignments.

In my family's situation, we have documented at least nine instances where McLane's clients have violated RSA 477:3-a. We know for a fact that the Arkley affiliates are all members of MERS. And, from that fact, and the amount of real estate transactions that Arkley affiliates have completed in this State alone, one could extrapolate that the pattern of violating NH RSA 477:3-a would be consistent.

At this time, my family is requesting that your Office opine to us whether the State of New Hampshire considers violations of RSA 477:3-a as a form of tax evasion. And, if not, why not?


Jean E.Allan aka Jean E. Allan Sovik

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