Jean E. Allan aka Jean E. Allan Sovik
 fka Jean E. Vorisek Quinn
US Address for Mail: In care of Fritz E. Vorisek
January 5, 2013

Governor Maggie Hassan (OPEN LETTER)

Office of the Governor
State House
107 North Main Street
Concord, NH 03301
(603)271-7640 (fax)

Dear Governor Hassan:

The inauguration is over and now it is time to begin the hard part of governing fairly. You may or may not be aware that former Governor Lynch left some pending unfinished business that pertains to my family’s ongoing complaints that require your immediate attention. I have recently reviewed your political profile, and I believe that you are fully qualified to make some of the necessary hard decisions that my family’s complaints require.

According to "wikipedia" in 2004 you began your successful political career in New Hampshire with an election win to the NH Senate. While in the Senate you served as the assistant Democratic whip, president pro tempore, and majority leader of the State Senate during your six years in office. The District that you represented was New Hampshire's 23rd district, which includes the towns of East Kingston, Exeter, Kensington, Kingston, Newfields, Newmarket, Newton, Seabrook, South Hampton and Stratham.

Also, according to "wikipedia", you served on the "Economic Development Advisory Council – SB 394 (2008). While there you sponsored a bill, which established an economic development advisory council to aid in the division of economic development and to assist in establishing goals, measurements, and planning efforts related to economic development. Additional committee assignments were in Energy, Environment, and Economic Development, where you were (Vice Chair)".

My family’s complaints are primarily in the realm of constituency politics that you should be familiar with, i.e., economic development in New Hampshire’s ‘North Country’, and foreclosure fraud.

A 2009 REPORT from the Bottled Water Industry US reported that in 2009 the national bottled water industry in the US was doing $10,595,000,000 in revenue, based on 8,454 million gallons in production. And, although the fast rising growth trend has slowed down since the 2008 recession, you would have to admit that those revenues contributed significantly to the country’s overall tax base, both State and Federal.

My family’s complaint that is laid out in detail in the Series of Installments titled NO WITNESS = NO CASE, and is posted on, should provide you with a more clear understanding of what our outstanding needs are from your Administration; and, in particular from your Attorney General. (Google "site:NHJUSTICE.NET attorney general" will give you a gist of our many prior filings.)

Additionally, you should be advised, if you are not already aware, that we have also filed complaints with the US Department of Justice Office of Inspector General. In August 2009, via EMAIL, my family was informed that our complaints had been referred to the US DOJ Criminal Division, the US State Department, and the US Social Security Administration. My son Kurt W. Vorisek has an additional separate and distinct claim and his file number with the USDOJ Criminal Division is JL300216673.

Certain Key parties in our global complaints include:

  • Victor Parisi – an uber robo signer who was allegedly employed by Robin Arkley II’s company SN Servicing Corporation. It may be of interest for you to note that in recent years other of Mr. Arkley’s financial operations have been under investigation by the FDIC. (See CONSIDER THIS and Ripoff Report)

  •  Senator Kelly Ayotte – the chief investigator from the NH Office of Attorney General when the body of Agnes S. Allan was removed from Lakes Region General Hospital in Laconia New Hampshire (See Installment 11, A DAUGHTER'S PROMISE)

  • John Iuele – a person of interest whom we have reason to believe was an alias for James J. Bulger (See 08/09/2012 LETTER to the Law Offices of Carney & Bassil, P.C.)

  • Dr. Reginald P. Danboise – a person of interest who most likely has information with respect to the sabotage of the High Birches Springs, and the illegal foreclosure of my family’s land in North Woodstock, NH ( See – January 9, 2009 CASE STUDY)

  • Prosecutor Robert Libby – (See Installment 1 [OPENING STATEMENT INTRODUCTION] through Installment 12 [SUMMARY] of NO WITNESS NO CASE)

Agent Dick Tracy of the former administration informed me in a LETTER dated 09/08/2011 that the State of New Hampshire Office of Attorney General did not have the resources to pursue my family’s complaints, at that time. I am hopeful that your administration will find those resources, and see that my family’s complaints are fully investigated ASAP: As it has been said time and time again: Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.

If you wish to contact me you can either send me an email or if by US Mail, send to the US address above in care of Fritz E. Vorisek, also a party to the global complaints.

With Respect:

Jean E. Allan aka Jean E. Allan Sovik, fka Jean E. Vorisek Quinn

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