Jean E. Allan Sovik
Fka/ Jean E. Vorisek-Quinn
Care of Fritz E. Vorisek

April 24, 2013

Denis J. McInerney, Chief, Fraud Section (Open Letter)

U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

RE: August 2009 Referral by United States Department of Justice, Office of Inspector General; and complaint JL300216673


Dear Chief McInerney:

It was just over a month ago that I last wrote to you about my concerns that the Fraud Section of the U.S. Department of Justice essentially lacked the "political will" to investigate the group of elite financial persons named in our complaints, whom are now being grouped into the category of "Too Big To Prosecute" (TBTP). And, now I have just read in today’s Huffington Post that I am not alone in my concerns. (SOURCE)

In fact the above-cited article goes on to quote Senator Carl Levin. To wit: "Levin said that Schneiderman argued that the Justice Department lacks the "political will" to forge ahead with prosecutions of high-ranking financial executives and large financial groups." In fact, the article continues to report that "New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has privately criticized the Obama administration and the Department of Justice for not aggressively investigating dodgy mortgage deals that helped trigger the financial crisis, according to senators and congressional aides who met with him this month." (Obviously not so privately, if it has been printed in the media.)

Clearly certain issues of my family’s overall complaints also have allegations of "dodgy mortgage deals". And, those whom we have named in the "Deals" you must admit would appear to fall into the category of TBTP. So the end result appears to be that my family is left with so called due process rights that may not be worth the paper that they are written on, if we cannot get any effective remedies.

Considering that my family has called Boston its home town before all of our assets were stolen, I have followed the Patriot Day bombings with great interest. What has struck me most vividly is the fact that the older brother bomber had been on a watch list as a suspected terrorist, and he, and, I believe his family, had been interviewed. But there was no action taken by the US authorities. His visa was not rescinded. His property was not taken. He was allowed to freely travel to Russia and other places, where it is now being reported that he was radicalized. And, that radicalization terminated in three civilian deaths, and the death of one law enforcement officer and hundreds of seriously injured innocent bystanders.

There are now several ongoing Congressional investigations, but I believe it is fair to say that mistakes, at the very least, were made. Which means that United States authorities are fallible; which, in turn, should be no surprise since the agencies are managed by non perfect human beings.

This brings me back to my prior March 20, 2013 letter, and all of my prior communications for the past decades. The facts should be clear to anyone who has paid attention to my family’s situation. We have been violated. Our due process rights have been shredded, just like many of our complaints have been shredded, or purged, or otherwise disappeared: Hence the reasons now for the ‘open letters’.

My father was an employee of the Panama Canal Company, a wholly owed subsidiary of the United States Government. He was a Panama Canal Pilot and then promoted to Assistant Port Captain on the Atlantic Side. He retired with full benefits after more than 35 years of service. He was also Retired LT Commander in the US Navy Reserve. He was activated during WW II, while also serving his country as a Pan Canal Pilot. My mother assisted in the WW II war effort. I was born in Margarita Canal Zone during the war. I had an older brother who died shortly after birth, do to war time complications. My question to you is: How can you justify the fact that the Patriot Day bomber had more due process rights than the treatment that my family has been given by your Fraud Sector?

My family has even submitted credible evidence that my mother’s death was under suspicious circumstances (in her own words "awful, awful"). Surely, the disappearance of her remains cries out for some attention from the US DOJ. Not to mention that I have been deprived of my social security benefits for more than five years. And, due to the Patriot Act, and for safety reasons, due do ongoing threats against me, I have been forced to live outside of the US.

And, yet in all this time no one has even interviewed me, or any family member or friend, or business associate. The reason that I have been ruled ‘not competent’ should not stand. Anyone who is reading must realize that others are asking many of the same questions that I and, my family, friends and business associates have also asked. Why is it that I am the only one who as been ruled ‘not competent’. Those bloggers are citizens who are demanding transparency from the government that they voted to put in office to serve them. We are all very competent in our efforts for JUSTICE.

At this time, I believe that my family deserves to be interviewed. If the FBI can take the time to interview one of the Patriot Day bombers and his family et al, I believe it can also interview me, my family, and business associates. I believe that it will find that in both cases mistakes have been made. On the one hand the Patriot Day bomber was cut loose; and, on the other hand my family has been left exposed to those who would like to finish the job, and clear title on my superior lien to the High Birches Water Supply & Distribution System.

Is the Fraud Section of the US DOJ prepared to stand by and let the chips fall where they may, or is it now prepared to take the proper due process actions and interview my family? Clearly, the decision is yours. I hope you do not continue to compound my family’s troubles with more non-action. We need help and it appears that you are it.


Jean Allan Sovik fka Jean Vorisek Quinn


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