Jean E. Allan Sovik
fka Jean E. Vorisek-Quinn
Care of Fritz E. Vorisek


May 12, 2013


Denis J. McInerney, Chief, Fraud Section (Open Letter)

U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

RE: August 2009 Referral by United States Department of Justice, Office of Inspector General; and complaint JL300216673; NEWLY DISCOVERED EVIDENCE of emails to and from: Kenneth Lay of Enron; Michael and Lowell Milken of Knowledge University and Sunset Mortgage Co.; Steven Fink a known associate of the Milkens; and Larry Ellison of Oracle, among others.

  • Subjects of emails dating from Fall of 2000 to March 2001 - a) Private Placement Memo for nCUBE (not relevant to this letter; and, b) the valuation of water as a commodity (relevant to my prior complaints to include the June, 2003 referral of those complaints by USA New Hampshire Thomas Colantuono re: Kenneth Lay, Azurix, 2000 Commodities Act "Enron Loophole" to the Enron Task Force, Attention Josh Hochberg)


Dear Chief McInerney:

Considering the plethora of cases that must be pending at the Fraud Section of the US DOJ, it is unclear to me whether the referral file from USA Colantouono that was addressed to Mr. Hochberg and sent to the Enron Task Force back in 2003, still exists, or has been purged. Since I was informed of the referral, I too supplemented the file with updated information. However, I am aware of a recent settlement agreement was made, pending court approval, with Mr. Skilling, so someone must still be current on the issues that were in front of the Enron Task Force from its inception. That person should have possession of the files in question herein.

During the period of time that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was being removed from his position as US Attorney General, sometime in 2007, I had inquired as to the status of the referral files, but I never received a response. But, if a file remains then it should have the exact date of the referral. My personal and business files were stolen on May 15, 2009. That was the date when I was arrested, and evicted from the property owned by the Jean E. Vorisek Family Trust, and located in Center Harbor, New Hampshire, of which I was Trustee at that time. Therefore, I am doing my best to reconstruct the series of events that had previously been filed with the Enron Task Force, among other complaints to include but not limited to the sabotage and taking of the High Birches Springs land and water rights; and the thefts my family’s other real and chattel properties; and, last but not least the suspicious death and disappearance of my mother Agnes Sovik Allan in March, 2001, which is the date of the last month of the newly discovered emails.

The emails were sent to me by a reliable source with whom I have been collaborating with on the issue of Financial Terrorism, and its potential choice of weapons of mass destruction, among other issues.

Considering that financial terrorism is the subject of a Report titled: Economic Warfare: Risks and Responses, Analysis of Twenty-First Century Risks in Light of the Recent Market Collapse (hereinafter referred to as "Report"); and, the "Report" was authored by: Kevin D. Freeman, CFA Cross Consulting and Services, LLC; and that it was originally published June 2009; it is critical to fitting the newly discovered email into some context. I read the Report on line (SOURCE).

The Report examines in its own words: Serious risks to the global economic system were exposed by the crisis of 2008, raising legitimate questions regarding the cause of the turmoil. An estimated $50 trillion of global wealth evaporated in the crisis with more than a quarter of that loss suffered by the United States and her citizens.

The Report claims its purpose to be: To consider the implications of financial terrorism and/or economic warfare and to identify and realistically list of prospective threats to U.S. economic security from a means, motive, and opportunity perspective.

The hypothesis of the "Report" is that a three phased attack against the sovereign government of the United States is underway with two of the phases completed to date -

  • Phase One: Oil as a weapon to raise capital
  • Phase Two: Bear Raids on Markets
  • Phase Three: Attack on US Dollar/Currency

DEEP CAPTURE (The Global Bust-Out Series (Chapter 1): Was the United States Attacked by "Financial Terrorists"?) has incorporated a full copy of the above cited "Report"by reference and hyperlink. The "Global Bust-Out Series" of investigative reporting appears to confirm many of the hypotheses that my family and associates have found in our own limited research for the past several decades. Our investigation has been focused on the discovery of the whys and wherefores of our managed misfortunes. Our series of ‘misfortunes’ read like a ‘dirty tricks’ playbook. We have been bombarded with ‘dirty tricks’ and worse ever since we became titled owners of the property located in North Woodstock, New Hampshire, known from here on in as the High Birches Springs. We have been informed by a hydro-geological expert that the High Birches Springs have a reservoir of around ten million gallons. The State of New Hampshire granted the owners (my family’s businesses) of the High Birches Springs a large groundwater permit to remove up to one million gallons per day. The family’s water businesses were operational, selling water nationally under the branded name of High Birches Mountain Spring Water, Starts Pure – Stays Pure, The Sustainable Source. That is, until the main production well was sabotaged with a cocktail of carcinogen chemicals to include heavy metals, on or about, September 11, 1997. A full report of the sabotage should also be in your current files. (If not please inform me as to why not.)

In the course of our independent investigation we discovered the Deep Capture online investigation, among other public sources. Many of the persons named in our woeful saga are also named in "The Global Bust-Out Series" cited above. In the "Global Bust Out" series the overlapping persons of interest are linked to organized criminal, and other financial terrorists. Since we do not have subpoena power, my family can only affirm that we have found the same antidotal facts of organized criminal intervention in our own personal experiences.

And so, after years of our research in combination with the other public sources; and, the fact that I had been subpoenaed by the Organized Crime Task Force from Eastern Pennsylvania and testified for the prosecution in re: USA v Rennert; and, the fact that one of the early ‘good/ bad guys’ in our story appears to be none other than the renown Boston mobster, James (Whitey) Bulger, among other things; that got me thinking - Why my family has been targeted for such destruction? And, although I am not a certified analyst, I do have personal experiences that may be impacting to a potential Phase Four: consideration: Water as a commodity could be weaponized. And, this brings me back to the newly discovered emails, which appear to confirm my early fears that water was being contemplated by the Enron company to be used as a commodity at least as early as the year 2000.

I believe that our situation calls for an independent investigator who has the time and resources to analyze the newly discovered emails, and how they fit into our overall fact set. Assuming, that the files that should be in the possession of the US DOJ Criminal Division have not been completely destroyed, a thorough review of the dates of the emails, in conjunction with Congress’s creation of the "Enron Loophole" in the 2000 Commodities Act would be informative. (I have copies of the emails in my possession, and I have stated to the Governor of the State of New Hampshire in the attached letter, I will make them available for authentication upon request.)

And, considering Enron’s illicit use of the ‘Loophole’ against the State of California, which prior to its occurrence was most likely beyond the collective imagination, here is a confirmation statement of just how dangerous the "Enron Loophole" is from an expert that is quoted in the above cited "Report":

  • ―One of the most outspoken critics of ICE and the CFTC's seeming reluctance to fully oversee its operations in the U.S. is Michael Greenberger, a former CFTC official and now a law professor at University of Maryland School of Law. Greenberger, who worked at the CFTC from 1997 to 1999, was part of the team that drafted a regulatory response to the near collapse of hedge fund Long-Term Capital Management. Greenberger has been pressing Congress to close the "Enron loophole," which was created as part of the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 and allowed energy commodities trading on deregulated exchanges. The exemption, Greenberger says, led to Enron's subsequent market manipulation and the West Coast electricity crisis and may be permitting unobserved speculation today. He insists a recent attempt to close the loophole, by a provision in the recently enacted Farm Bill, is insufficient because it requires the CFTC to carry out a long hearing process for any contract it believes should be subject to agency oversight.

When my business associate and I were interviewed by AUSA Kinsell in the Spring of 2003, he chastised us for making such a complaint against these ‘very special and important’ persons. However, undaunted, we nevertheless filed the complaint.

My family’s specific complaint to USA Colantuono was directed toward Ken Lay and the Azurix subsidiary of Enron. The newly discovered emails appear to confirm my worse concerns that Azurix was attempting to make water a commodity. In the first instance most likely so that it could use its ‘Loophole’ with hydro - electric power trades. But a complete reading of Phases One and Two of the above cited "Report" would inform a reasonable person that once water became a commodity it, could, and most likely would, be hijacked by the financial terrorist. It would become the most dangerous and powerful WMD in the world. And, if the corruption that already exists in the securities markets trading platforms that is laid out in the "Report", one would have to be really naïve not to know that the financial terrorist would be ready, willing, and waiting to trade in the newly created commodity of water. Clearly, if one were to listen to the Video link HERE of Mr. Sachs it would be a dereliction of duty not to investigate this issue.

I am no expert, as I have already stated. In fact, if the State of New Hampshire is to be believed, I am not even ‘competent’. As I have already stated, I have attached a recent letter that I have just posted online to the Governor of New Hampshire, Maggie Hassan. Incorporated into the letter is a request to rescind the ‘not competent’ Orders, and to recognize my family’s property rights and damages.

If I am correct, and some of the IP addresses that have downloaded, and continue to download certain documents that we have posted online, and will continue to post on, it is clear to me that some of our readers are those persons, or financial institutions who may now have a great concern that my family still own the "stockpile of weapons" called High Birches Springs. And, the best way for them to attempt to resolve the issue is [REDACT], over which Netmark International, Inc has a superior lien. I am certain there are other ways to gain control of the springs in their ‘dirty tricks’ play book, [REDACT] paths to take.

Thank you in advance for your prompt response to this most urgent letter.

If your Office chooses to open an investigation into this matter, as it has been referred to you by US DOJ OIG in August, 2009, I would be available at your convenience for a debriefing. I have attempted to contact DHS in [REDACT] where I am currently living. Since [REDACT] interviews would be more convenient if there were any interviews that they were done [REDACT].

With Respect,

Jean Allan Sovik fka Jean Vorisek Quinn

Attached enclosure LETTER to Governor Maggie Hassan dated 5.7.13

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